• Mind Your Own Tsupon! Pauleen Luna Is More Than Ready for Bashers

    Everyone has something to say — and this new mom dealt with it as best she knew how.
    by Rachel Perez .
Mind Your Own Tsupon! Pauleen Luna Is More Than Ready for Bashers
PHOTO BY @team_bosleng and @pauleenlunasotto on Instagram
  • It was earlier than expected but when Pauleen Luna Sotto gave birth on November 6, the positive vibes poured in from social media. Viewers of Eat Bulaga were perhaps the first ones to find out after Pauleen's husband, Vic Sotto, announced the birth of their first daughter on the show. 

    Pauleen's mom, Chat Luna, and several of Pauleen's friends began teasing photos of the baby. After three days, the couple introduced their little bundle of joy to the world, Talitha Marie, also on the longest-running noontime show. Since then, Baby Tali's pictures were all over social media. 

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    Big brother Oyo Sotto and wife Kristine Hermosa visited Baby Tali on Day 1. "Kuya loves you," he wrote as a caption for an album he posted on Instagram. 

    Baby Tali's Ate Danica Sotto-Pingris also visited the newborn and posted a photo of her cradling her new baby sister on her Instagram stories. "Can't wait to see this baby girl again," she wrote. 

    On her birthday, November 10, Pauleen shared a photo of the dad and daughter duo taken at the hospital. "God’s best. Thank you, Lord, for my family. Best birthday gift, ever!" she wrote. 

    The new mom also wrote a lengthy caption for their first family photo, which she shared on Instagram. Pauleen and Vic celebrated six "years of togetherness," but weren't able to celebrate because they were so busy with their newborn. "Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for making my dream come true, to become a mom. Thank you for the unconditional love that you give me, us," she wrote. "Thank you for always making me feel appreciated. Those late nights when you rub my back when I feed, just so I’d feel that you appreciate what I do. I am truly blessed to be in this special moment with you!" Pauleen added. 


    Pauleen was indeed on a first-time mom high.

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    Yesterday, though, the new mom posted a photo of Baby Tali sucking on a baby bottle. While it is unclear if it was part of her original caption, but Pauleen got ahead of would-be bashers and clarified issues that were most likely to be brought up by well-meaning (we only hope!) people.

    "For those asking, that’s breast milk inside the bottle. We also latch for breastfeeding. ALSO, the nipple is not too big for her because that’s the smallest size. Okay na?" Pauleen wrote in the caption. 

    Still, the onslaught of unsolicited advice accumulated in the comments. The issues were mostly about breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding, expressing breast milk versus direct nursing, and nipple and bottle size.

    Browsing through the comments, it looked like Pauleen edited her caption after answering several comments that raised the same issues over and over again. First, someone asked if Baby Tali was breastfed. We personally think we should avoid asking this question of a new mom. Asking the question already puts a mother on the defense and in a moment when she feels extremely vulnerable – she just gave birth, people. 

    A lot of people were bothered by the size of the nipple and bottle. One person brought up nipple confusion, which means the baby rejects the mother's breast once he or she has gotten used to a bottle.

    Nipple confusion happens, yes, but some babies can switch between breast and bottle without a fuss. As for the size of the nipple, we like to think Pauleen knows well enough to consult her doctor about it. Well-known baby bottle brands do make wide nipples because they say it mimics the breastfeding mom's nipple's shape and size. 


    Then, there were those who said it was better to do direct breastfeeding, and they offered tips in increasing milk supply. (While direct breastfeeding is the natural way to stimulate breast milk production, pumping also works.) 

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    Thankfully, some people were quick to defend the new mom's actions. They also called for the "nega" naysayers to give Pauleen, who is recovering from a C-section, a break. She was grateful for their encouraging words. 

    Celebrity friends Mariel Padilla, who had nursing struggles of her own with daughter Maria Isabella, Iya Villania who probably received her own share on unsolicited advice from the Internet, and blooming preggo Kaye Abad, who's learning to filter information as early as now, expressed support for Pauleen and Baby Tali.

    A mother's choice is her own, and it's always with the health and safety of her child, her family, and herself in mind. You do you, Mom!  

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