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  • Preggo Solenn Says Nico Is Her 'Personal Nurse For Daily Prickles.' Does Solenn Have APAS?

    Nico, in turn, marvels at his wife's strength throughout the pregnancy.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Preggo Solenn Says Nico Is Her 'Personal Nurse For Daily Prickles.' Does Solenn Have APAS?
PHOTO BY @nicobolzico, @solenn/Instagram
  • They say you never really know a person until you’ve lived under the same roof. Nico Bolzico thought he has seen the best of his wife Solenn Heussaff after three years of marriage, but now, with Solenn’s pregnancy, Nico is waxing poetic to pay tribute to the mother of his child.

    “Since I met Solenn, I always felt that she was too good for me; but, since she is pregnant, I don’t only feel she is too good for me, but I also feel like the most useless human being on earth,” he began. He likened the two of them to a band, where Solenn directs all the main instruments while he only “smash[es] the cymbals every 30 seconds.”

    “I thought I knew Solenn but seeing her pregnant changed my whole perception of her as a woman. I didn’t know she could be capable of so much love, but also, I wasn’t aware of her strength,” reads part of his caption for a photo of a very pregnant Solenn.


    The Bolzicos shared the news that they are pregnant with their first child with an epic announcement in August 2019. In September, they revealed they are having a baby girl

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    In his latest post, Nico revealed that their pregnancy journey hasn’t been easy, “and we still have 3 more months to go.”

    Posting a similar photo of herself on her Instagram account, Solenn gave due credit to her husband. 

    “Though it is true women go through a lot of crazy changes during pregnancy, and have to be strong for the family, it wouldn’t be ‘easy’ sailing if you weren’t by my side. We’ve had some really emotional days but would have never been able to step a foot out of bed if it hadn’t been for your warm embrace even if I could see you were breaking at times.”


    Solenn also shared a video clip showing Nico nervously administering something to her via a syringe on her belly, as she gently coached him. “Slowly, not too fast ’cause the liquid is painful,” she told him. Nico was evidently terrified of using the needle and causing Solenn pain.

    When he was done and he had removed the syringe, Solenn cheered him on. “We did it! We can do this every day.” An agitated Nico replied, “I don’t know.”

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    In the comments section, Solenn’s followers asked what the injection was for. Solenn replied, “anticoagulant” and “Innohep,” a brand of anticoagulant. Although she did not say it, it may be that Solenn has Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS), an autoimmune disorder that occurs when the body’s immune system makes abnormal antibodies that attack and damage tissues or cells.


    PHOTO BY @solenn/Instagram


    APAS can be especially problematic for pregnant women because it raises the risk for miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, and preeclampsia. Other celebrities who had the condition while pregnant were Miriam QuiambaoSitti, and Mariel Padilla.

    Solenn continued her Instagram caption with a note of gratitude for Nico. “Thank you for everything so far, and for being a trooper and being my personal nurse at home for the daily prickles. Will forever be grateful, in love with you all over again.”

    And for husbands, Nico has a very important piece of advice: “We think we are the stronger gender, but we don’t understand how wrong we are until we see them being pregnant; so we should be 100% there for them to make sure we make ourselves useful if/when they need us, don’t complain, don’t ask questions just do what your woman ask you to do, because you will never be able to do what she is doing for you!”

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