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  • Rupert Grint plays Ron for the last time in “Deathly Hallows – Part 2”

    As Rupert Grint says goodbye to playing Ron Weasley, the young actor shares what transpired during the last shooting day of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” as well as his plans post-“Potter.”
  • Rupert GrintQuestion:  Did the cast and crew do anything special on the last day of shooting?

    Rupert Grint:  Yeah, they played a video.  We did this thing called the Golden Board.  Have to have Dan [Radcliffe] explain that, but it’s basically a big count-down.  This film was like 260 days or something.  Every day we had this board, like ‘day one,’ ‘day two’ and each time it would be a silly saying and stuff.  They kind of edited all that together and it was just really nice to see that.  It was actually quite emotional too.

    Q:  We heard your birthday happened during shooting?  Tell us about that.

    Grint:  It was cool.  It was my Golden Board.  They set up a piñata in the Weasley house and I was trying to hit it and, yeah, that was quite good.

    Q: Within this family of Harry Potter, you also have the Weasleys.  Do you guys feel a certain bond in terms of this being your on-screen family that will always be close?

    Grint:  Yeah.  Definitely.  We have Julie Walters, ‘cause I’ve worked with her before outside of “Potter,” and she, naturally, is quite a motherly type and she’s seen us grow up as well.  And she really kind of cares about us.  The twins as well.  I’m really good friends with them.  I see them quite regularly, yeah, so we’ll always kind of see each other.  

    Q:  Is there any particular scene in all the films that you wish you could have been in, even as a different character?

    Grint:  I think, in the sixth film, I really liked the scene with Harry and Dumbledore in the boat.  That was really cool.  

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