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  • Ryan Agoncillo Shares Super-Kilig Story of How He Knew Judy Ann Santos Was 'The One'

    We thought it was Valentine's day again after we found ourselves swooning over this story.
    by Rachel Perez .
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  • Parents in the digital age continue to find innovative ways to share lessons and wisdom to their children. Celebrity dad Ryan Agoncillo found his on Instagram where he has not only shared moments with his family but life lessons for his only son, Lucho, which he tags as #StoriesForLucho. (We've written about his best posts here.) His latest, however, told the love story of mom and dad — how he knew that wife, actress Judy Ann Santos, was the one.

    Ryan goes back to the time he was 26 years old when he and Judy Ann were just getting to know each other. He would pick her up from whatever movie set she was working on. "We'd ride a motorcycle through fog and a thunderstorm just to hang. Not every girl would've liked it," he wrote. "Mom just giggled through shivers while we were sipping gas station coffees, soaked to the socks in the middle of nowhere," he shared.

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    Ryan shared how Judy Ann always found a way to be of help. She offered to mix drinks and serve beer for guests and friends at a club Ryan used to co-own. During one of his stints as a photographer, Judy Ann volunteered to help set up the studio lights, surprising Ryan's editor who had been trying to book her for a cover shoot for months.


    Ryan then wrote that "exciting times fade," and couples in relationships must also be "comfortable in silences."

    When Judy Ann needed to get away from the spotlight for a few days (Ryan described it as a "very rough patch"), Ryan brought her to stay at his parents' house. He slept in his parents' room, as he always does when he's home for the weekends, while Judy Ann stayed with one of her cousins in Ryan's childhood bedroom.

    "There wasn't much, just a big mattress on the floor, a noisy A/C and a wonky CD player you had to whack to get thru old DMB (Dave Matthews Band) records," he described his room.

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    On their second afternoon together hidden away from the world, Lucho's aunt arrived with frappuccinos for each of them. "There wasn't much talk, but I do remember asking her with a sideways glance, 'You cool with this?'" Ryan recalled.

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    Judy Ann then asked, "With what?" and Ryan replied, "'This. This is how quiet and boring it gets with me, too.'"

    "She just sipped the frap, smiled, and went back to her nap. That's when I knew, Bud," Ryan declared.

    We swore we heard a collective 'aww' from those who read this post, and when Judy Ann replied in the comments, well, we just lost it.

    "I remember these moments in full HD," she wrote in the comments of Ryan's post. "That mattress, rainy day rides, gas station moment, sleeping for three days with no phone, and a lot more...sealed the deal, my love," Judy Ann revealed.

    Thank you for reminding us, Ryan and Judy Ann, that Valentine's day can be any day.

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