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Saab Magalona, Camille Prats on Being a Mom to Kids Closer in Age
PHOTO BY @saabmagalona and @camilleprats on Instagram
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  • The transition from having one child to having two is not always smooth. During the second pregnancy, many moms tell themselves they would spend as much time as they could with their firstborn before they welcome their newborn. Some feel a bit of separation anxiety.

    On July 16, 2019, Saab Magalona-Bacarro shared on Instagram an update on her second pregnancy with an old photo from November 2018. The selfie shows her babywearing her son Pancho. In the caption, she said that she thinks her second pregnancy is going smoother than her first, partly because she was carrying twins the first time.

    “The hard part about this one is being told by my doctor to take things slow, rest as much as I can, and to stop carrying Pancho,” the preggo mama wrote. She admitted it was tough to consciously take it slow and carry Pancho less. “I felt so guilty for having less energy and asking [husband] Jim, Pancho’s yaya, or our parents to take over,” Saab said.


    The soon-to-be mom of two takes inspiration from pregnant moms who are also taking care of a baby and have no help. “You are amazing, and I don’t know how you’re able to manage!!! Rockstars!” Saab said in salute. She has only a few more weeks to go before she gives birth, and she has resolved that she will manage. “Kayang-kaya ko ‘to!” Saab said.

    “If you know any overwhelmed parent, offer to take over for a few hours so they can take a much-deserved nap,” she suggested. “If you’re not qualified to handle a baby, wash the dishes, do their laundry, or bring them some food to lessen their workload,” Saab added.

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    Camille Prats-Yambao, on the other hand, and husband VJ had no idea how their daughter Nala Camilla, who’ll be turning 2 in September, will react to her baby brother’s arrival. The couple was worried since Nala is very clingy to both of them and enjoys all the attention, even from her big brother Nathan.

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    The Mars Pa More co-host gave birth to her third baby, son Nolan Cristiano, on July 10, 2019. When Nala finally met her baby brother, “she was happy and wanted to hold him right away,” Camille wrote on Instagram. The new mom of three also shared the video of that first meeting, which shows Nala being quite possessive of Nolan right away. It’s so cute.


    Now that the Yambaos are settling, Camille found out the hard way that Nala isn’t ready to be without her when she sleeps (they’ve co-slept since birth). The original game plan was that she would sleep in the nursery with Nolan, while VJ will co-sleep with Nala in their room. “I make sure I put Nala to sleep first before heading out,” the actress said.

    During the first few nights, Nala would wake up in the middle of the night but would go back to sleep after her dad comforts her. “Last night she cried for a good five minutes looking for me, so I would run to and from our room and the nursery to put Nala to sleep and to feed Nolan,” she added.

    The couple is now re-assessing their sleeping arrangements — she had tried sleeping with both Nala and Nolan in one room — such is the life of a mom with a toddler and a newborn!

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