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  • Sarah Lahbati on Giving Birth in PH: 'Iba Talaga ang Alagang Pilipino'

    Baby Kai is "breastfeeding like a champion," the actress shared.
    by Rachel Perez .
Sarah Lahbati on Giving Birth in PH: 'Iba Talaga ang Alagang Pilipino'
PHOTO BY @sarahlahbati/Instagram
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  • It's been a week since Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez welcomed their second baby, Kai. The mom of two recently shared on social media that she and her newborn son are already recovering at home.

    Baby Kai's arrival was highly anticipated as soon as Sarah reached the 37th week of her pregnancy. Sarah shared on her blog that she gave birth to Kai via spontaneous normal delivery.


    The actress shared that while her second pregnancy was very different from her first, giving birth seems more familiar. "I had a smooth labor and experience giving birth to Kai... When you do it for the second time, there is a better idea of what to expect and what to prepare for," Sarah wrote. 

    "Really, no words can express how happy and excited I am to finally meet him and be with him. I think Kai looks a lot like Zion when he was a newborn, but you can see a lot of Chard in his face, too," she added. 

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    There's one other factor that's different between her first and second childbirth. Sarah gave birth to her eldest, Zion, in Switzerland and away from the spotlight. This time, she welcomed her little bundle of joy in the Philippines. "Iba talaga ang alagang Pilipino," Sarah wrote.  

    The couple thanked and commended the doctors, nurses, and staff of the hospital. "Giving birth is really no easy feat and having a great medical team helped it be a smooth experience," Sarah added. She also happily shared that Kai is "breastfeeding like a champion from the onset," thanks to her lactation consultant. 


    The new big brother, Zion, on the other hand, has been excited to play with the baby. "He doesn’t quite understand yet that Kai is still very little and has a bit of growing up to do before they can play together, but it’s a heartwarming scene," Sarah wrote. Her dad has also just arrived from Switzerland to meet his new grandson.  


    As any parent to a newborn would know, the first few weeks entail a lot of sleepless nights and making a lot of adjustments. "I would not trade anything for it. I look at my family and know in my contented heart that I could not wish for anything more," Sarah said, thankful for all the support and well wishes from friends and followers. 

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