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See How Unborn Babies Can Make Art
  • As soon as you confirm that you're really expecting a new addition to the family, you already start to wonder about that little being: Is he going to be a doctor? Would he fancy a law career? Or maybe, he could be the next celebrated artist of his generation!

    For these select moms-to-be, they didn't to wait years to find out if their unborn babies would grow up to be artists. They already are!

    Six moms-to-be in Belgium—all between 32 and 39 weeks pregnant—strapped paint-dipped brushes on their baby bumps, sat in front of a white canvass, and waited for their baby to move and kick to create art.

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    But it’s not just that -- it’s for a good cause as well. The unborn babies' artworks sold at auctions and baby showers to raise money for the Unborn Artists charity campaign, which started a few years back to raise awareness on the many unborn babies in Africa who won't survive birth because of lack of proper medical care. Part of the proceeds also went to SOS Children's Villages, a global nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged children receive proper care and education.

    How did they do it? The expecting moms didn't just sit there waiting. They gently tapped or caressed their bellies to encourage their unborn babies to kick and move. And as the babies moved, you could see the paintbrushes move as well. The creative process was documented by Belgian ad agency Duval Duillaume. Watch how they did it in this video:


    How awesome is that? The finished product looks like a minimalist painting—just splashes and blotches of paint, depending on how much their babies moved—but the creation process sure is an interesting story to tell. In fact, this could be another way for moms to immortalize their pregnancies.

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    OB-gynecologist Marge dela Rosa, M.D., recalls that before these pregnancy memorabilia, expecting moms could just recall their pregnancy journey to the best of their abilities (good luck, mommy brain!). She strongly recommends that moms-to-be keep a pregnancy journal. “With this, you can document everything that happened and all the memories the pregnancy brought about. Thoughts and memories fade away, but events documented will forever be there,” she says. 

    Aside from a pregnancy journal, maternity shoots and ultrasound keepsakes, your very own "unborn artist's masterpiece" is definitely worth displaying in your home.


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