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  • Slater Young And Kryz Uy Plea For Cebu: "Everything's Wrecked"

    "No power. A lot of people are homeless. Kilometer looong lines to get gas, groceries, food. No drinking water in some places. 3 days na, roads are still hard to access."
    by Iza Cuyos .
Slater Young And Kryz Uy Plea For Cebu: "Everything's Wrecked"
  • A few hours ago, Youtuber dad Slater Young with pregnant wife Kryz Uy shared a video on why everyone needs to create more awareness about the devastation caused by Typhoon Odette which struck Central Philippines Friday, December 17, 2021.

    Plea For Awareness And Help

    In the couple's video post on Instagram, somber Slater and Kryz Uy recorded a plea for awareness and help.

    The post's caption summarized what they know about the Typhoon's aftermath.


    "Some people still message us af if it’s business as usual -“slater hope you’re safe, but can we please meet xxx deadline” so we feel like it’s not communicated enough how dire the situation in cebu is. No power. A lot of people are homeless. Kilometer looong lines to get gas, groceries, food. No drinking water in some places. 3 days na, roads are still hard to access. If yung mga may bahay, affected, paano na kaya yung mga people living in shanties. Mag ingay tayo guys, spread the word."


    In the same video that they were able to upload because they were staying at a friend's house which luckily has access to the net, the couple shared how news is yet to give the complete picture of what is really going on. Read the partial transciption of the video below:

    "So we're making this video because we feel like kulang pa yung... I don't think Cebu's getting heard or like the rest of the victims of Typhoon Odette. It's because you don't see a lot of pictures on how bad it really is here. Just to get internet, we are in our friend's home. There's just a few places in Cebu where you can actually find internet specially to upload photos and videos."

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    "It's very hard to call people. I can't call our family members. It's very very hard. A lot of people are asking us for help. Again, it's very hard to coordinate with people just to give them help."

    "Kami, we are thankful that we're safe, but a lot of people out there, when you're driving... It takes like four hours to get gas, it takes like, I would say about three (to) four hours just to get drinking water, if it's available."

    Kry Uy also mentioned that they felt the typhoon was stronger than what most people think.

    "We don't know what information is being put out there, but based on what we hear from our friends, nobody knows what's going on here. It's like a normal bagyo lang daw. In the news it's 260kph lang yung wind, but it's actually 400 plus. Everything broke. Everything's wrecked. Things were exploding. Like the whole city. It's a city, but it's wrecked."

    The video ended with a call for not just awareness, but help: "So get the word out there, guys. People need help. We'll do what we can. I think it's our job. Like people following us, na para at least we can get our voice out there that people really need help," says Slater. 

    A Birthday To Remember

    Slater Young, who celebrated his brithday yesterday December 19, also posted a video showing how the whole family (including one-year old Scottie) spent the day to rebuild.


    In an earlier post, the couple said that amidst the catastrophe, they are thankful to be safe. "We are safe. Cebu’s a mess. No power. No net. Just got signal. People are lining up for water, food, and gas. We have family members that lost their homes. Liteblock got looted. A lot of our employees are now homeless - using our factory as a temporary shelter for them. We’re trying to help out where we can. Praying for everyone."

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