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  • More Kids Enrolled In Public Schools This Year (Only 16% In Private Schools)

    by Rachel Perez .
More Kids Enrolled In Public Schools This Year (Only 16% In Private Schools)
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    According to the Department of Education (DepEd), more parents enrolled their children in public schools for the incoming school year 2020-2021.

    As of July 1, 2020, only 16.4% of students have enrolled in private schools. That's 706,934 learners compared to 4,304,676 private school students enrolled last year.

    DepEd noted, however, that private schools are still conducting enrollment and their school openings vary.

    For public schools, DepEd recorded 70.38% of enrollees for the school year 2020 to 2021, which is about 15.8 million learners. Last year, the total number of public school students was at 22.5 million. 

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    The total enrolled students from kindergarten up to senior high school, including special education learners and students in alternative learning systems, is at 59.81% or 16.6 million learners compared to last year's 27.7 million.

    DepEd has extended the enrollment for public schools up to July 15 to encourage more parents to enroll their child. For families who may not have devices like laptops or mobile phones and access to the Internet, "DepEd prepared different learning delivery modalities to suit every learner's need and capacity," the statement read. It's up to the school division heads in coordination with the parents to use different kinds of modalities that suit their community or students.  

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    The DepEd has prepared for a blended learning education, a "learning delivery that combines face-to-face with any other modalites. Primarily, public school students will use self-learning modules." These can be used along with printed or digital modules, online learning resources such as the DepEd Commons, and television- or radio-based instructional materials. 

    Parents may opt not to buy any technological gadgets, and their kids can still continue their education. For parents or donors who would like to buy or donate laptops or desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones for the kids' use, the DepEd also released minimum specifications. (Click here to find out what gadget will suit the kids.)

    "Blended learning will enable the schools to limit face-to-face learning, ensure social distancing, and decrease the volume of people outside the home at any given time," DepEd explained. It stressed, however, that there will be no face-to-face classes until COVID-19 continues to threaten their health and safety.

    Looking for learn-at-home options and wondering about tuition fee? Head to Smart Parenting Classroom now!

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