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  • This Dad Makes Awesome "Star Wars" Bento Lunches

This Dad Makes Awesome "Star Wars" Bento Lunches
  •  The Force is strong in this dad.

    If you've been living in a cage in this past year or so, then you should know that the newest film in the Star Wars saga is here. Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres today in theaters, after 10 years since the last installment to the franchise Revenge of the Sith was released in 2005. 

    Young and old fans will be flocking to the cinemas to catch the latest installment. And one Star Wars fan and a dad had the perfect idea to let his kids in on the hype.

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    Dad-of-three Beau Coffron, from the San Francisco Bay Area, regularly posts creative recipes, funny pictures, and his thoughts on parenting and life in general on his website Lunchbox Dad. That's just one if his many tasks aside from his full-time job and daddy blogging duties.

    "Every Monday I make my kids fun lunches for school. I started doing this because wanted to let them know that their dad is thinking about them and loves them," he said via his post in Boredpanda.com. He makes these bento lunches in themes that his kids will love.

    One of his kids' interests is the space saga. Just like him, his kids are excited to see the new Star Wars film and decided to make lunches for them as a countdown to this day. He has even made them a Christmas Lunch in the space saga’s theme. Check them out!

    Star Wars LunchboxDadXMAS


    Star Wars LunchboxDad1

    He is so creative that he makes these Star Wars-themed bento lunches using every day food items. It also only takes 30 minutes to make. No pressure, if you're doing this kinds of goof preps for the first time, though. You should give them a try (he has detailed the instructions here). If your child isn’t old enough yet to watch the new film in the theaters, this is a great way to make them feel the Force in in them, too.

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    Coffron is not alone. Drumming up to this day, many parents who are fans have been sharing their love for the franchise via many ways. There’s a dad who made his baby a Star Wars-themed rocker. Plus, a lot of Star Wars merchandise have also surfaced, targeting kids (parents would love these items for themselves as well!) to let them join the already-massive fan base.With Disney expanding the Star Wars universe to include young kids, having kids on board isn't too far fetched.


    Are you a Star Wars fan? How are you celebrating the saga's newest film Star Wars The Force Awakens?



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    What other parents are reading

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