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  • This Girl Has the Best Excuse to Get Out of Homework That Teachers Can't Say No To

    We don't condone skipping out on homework, but in this case we'll definitely let it slide.
  • Countless excuses have been made by school children over the years to get out of an undone homework assignment. There’s the classic “The dog ate my homework” that’s more outdated than effective. “I forgot to bring home my textbook” is another popular one, though rarely ever accepted by teachers.

    Young Maddie Kauffman’s excuse however, is hard to say no to. Judge her excuse’s validity for yourself. Here’s Maddie’s excuse letter, written out by her parents. 

    Photo by phomb/Imgur

    The note reads: “Please give Maddie one more day to complete her homework. We had some big family news and did not get to this.

    Her grandpa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry!”

    According to Lena Kauffman’s Facebook page, Maddie’s granddad is Swedish renowned chemist Tomas Lindahl. He, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar have won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their work on DNA repair which have greatly contributed to the advancement of cancer treatments. The winners for this year's Nobel prizes were announced earlier this month.

    Here's a photo of grandpa Lindahl and granddaughter Maddie, uploaded to Facebook by Lena Kauffman last Oct. 16.


    Photo from Lena Kauffman/Facebook

    The note, which was uploaded to Imgur, has now been viewed over 1.7 million times. One commenter had the bright idea to suggest a new assignment for Maddie. “Maddie's new homework is bringing her grandpa to her science class.”

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    Maddie might be excused from handing out her homework, but your child still has hers to do. Having trouble getting her to concentrate on her take-homes? Science teacher Cecil Dudas shared this tip with SmartParenting.com.ph:  “Make study time fun and exciting. If possible, use modern technology like computers to achieve this goal.” Show your child that studying is important and, at the same time, fun too. This will instill in her a love of learning that she’ll carry with her all through her life. 

    What other parents are reading

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