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  • Toni Gonzaga Goes Back to School in Harvard as Son Seve Learns, Too!

    The best way to instill in kids a lifelong love for learning is to be a role model.
    by Rachel Perez .
Toni Gonzaga Goes Back to School in Harvard as Son Seve Learns, Too!
PHOTO BY @celestinegonzaga/Instagram Stories
  • Parents want their children to have a lifelong love for learning, and the best way to instill that attitude in them is to model it. Yesterday, September 10, 2019, TV personality Toni Gonzaga went back to school while her son Seve Soriano also learned about marine animals.

    The actress and TV host flew to the U.S. with her almost-two-year-old son (Seve is turning 2 in October 2019) and her husband, film director Paul Soriano to attend a marketing course at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The family traveled with Dr. Vicki Belo, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr., and international talent agent and showrunner Garlic Garcia.

    In Dr. Vicki’s first TraBELOgue, she revealed that the purpose of the trip is to study at Harvard to try to “get smarter,” “improve our marketing skills” and “improve our businesses.”

    “We want to learn,” said Toni, whom Vicki said wants to be an entrepreneur. “I want to be like Dr. Belo one day,” Toni added.

    Toni is grateful to be able to attend a marketing course at Harvard University.
    screenshots from @celestinegonzaga/Instagram Stories

    “Great class today. I learned so much from our teacher and classmates,” Toni wrote on Instagram Stories. “It’s so nice to hear great minds talk about our subject from different countries, companies, backgrounds, and ethnicities. So grateful to be here,” she added.

    Harvard University marketing course classmates: Toni Gonzaga, Dr. Vicki Belo, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr., and Garlic Garcia.
    screenshots @victoria_belo/Instagram Stories
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    While Toni was in school, Seve also had a day full of learning at the “aquarium museum” with dad Paul. The New England Aquarium, also located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a “global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation,” according to its website. It receives more than 1.3 million visitors yearly, which makes it a “major public education resource.”

    Toni and son Seve embark on different kinds of learning while in Boston, Massachusetts.
    screenshots from @celestinegonzaga/Instagram Stories
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    While Toni was in school, husband Paul and Seve had a daddy-and-son day out!
    screenshots from @celestinegonzaga/Instagram Stories

    “This boy is learning also... Thank you @paulsoriano1017 for taking Seve around the city...” Toni shared on Instagram Stories. She also quipped that it’s nice to have a “love life after school,” as her husband Paul picked her up after her class.

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    Seve is still young and may not yet be able to fully grasp the link between his mom going back to school and lifelong learning, but it’s a significant memory Toni and Paul can look back to and tell stories to Seve. It seems the little boy had a fun day of learning and will remember it as well.

    Vicki and Hayden explained the same principle to daughter Scarlet Snow Belo before they left. The couple usually take Scarlet with them on trips out of the country, but since Scarlet has to go to school, they had to leave her behind.


    “Daddy and Mommy need to keep learning also like you, right?” Vicki told Scarlet as captured in her TraBELOgue. “You go to school on Monday, and we’ll go to school, too,” Hayden added.

    Indeed, the best way to teach kids is to be a role model and show them what you want them to learn instead of just telling them what to do.

    Click here for more ways to encourage your child to be a lifelong learner.

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