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  • Top of the Morning: Actress Ashlee Simpson is Pregnant!

    The recently-married actress is expecting, plus a study confirms the lasting effects of good parenting
  • 1. Ashlee Simpson is pregnant!

    Actress Ashlee Simpson and husband, actor Evan Ross, are expecting their first child, E! News reports. The couple was married last August at the groom’s mother Diana Ross’ Connecticut home. Ashlee Simpson already has a six-year-old son Bronx with ex-husband Pete Wentz. (huffingtonpost.com)

    2. New-dad Jimmy Alapag on FIBA cover
    Professional basketball player and new dad Jimmy Alapag is one of the six cagers featured in the cover photo of FIBA’s official Facebook page posted Wednesday, December 17. The "Mighty Mouse" recently led the Philippines' Smart Gilas team to their first international victory after 40 years. His wife, actress and entrepreneur LJ Moreno, recently gave birth to their daughter Keona Skye. (gmanetwork.com)

    3. Air pollution linked to autism
    A study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health revealed that children whose moms were exposed to high levels of air pollution late in their pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism compared to children whose moms were breathing clean air. It is not clear, however, how tiny particles emitted by fires, vehicles, and industrial smokestacks might cause autism. (huffingtonpost.com)

    4. Overall effects of parenting seen even in adults over 30
    How you treat your child has long-lasting effects on what kind of adult he or she will turn into, according to new research published in the journal Child Development. Children whose moms practiced a more sensitive kind of parenting during the first three years of life went on to have more successful relationships and high grades compared to moms who didn’t respond to their child promptly or had positive interactions that made their child feel secure. (time.com)

    5. Hugs can prevent the flu
    A study published in the journal Psychological Science says that hugs are a good defense against the flu. Previous studies have shown that strong social ties and positive vibes protect against stress, anxiety and depression, and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that social ties —- such as a hug, which is a show of social support as it involves touch —- can also prevent physiological diseases. One hug a day is a good anti-flu prescription. (time.com)

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