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  • Top of the Morning: Coffee Shop Introduces Mini Frap for Kids

    "One Frappuccino please. No, wait -- make that one and a half."
  • 1. There's a Starbucks Mini Frap for kids now

    The specialty coffee giant debuted on Monday, May 11, their new Mini Frappuccino —- a small 10-ounce version of the popular sweet, icy drink. Starbucks looks to attract a new customer base on top of the grownup coffee-lovers: kids. A new report entitled ”Millennial Moms” name Starbucks as one company waiting to cash in on the new generation of parents. With the Mini Frappuccino, coffee-loving parents wouldn’t have to feel guilty for indulging in their favorite drink -- now they simply have to order another one. (buzzfeed.com)

    2. Guji Lorenzana is engaged
    Actor-singer Guji Lorenzana proposed to her non-showbiz girlfriend, interior designer Cheska Nolasco, last May 11, just three weeks after their first anniversary. The moment was captured by Guji’s good friend Eric Tai and posted on his Instagram account. Eric captioned the photo: “ It’s definitely wedding season for the brotherhood thus far. Proud of you brother @gujilorenzana We’re all happy for you both #cheskanolasco. Love you two!!!" Congratulations! (pep.ph)

    3. Haylie Duff gives birth to baby girl Ryan


    The “Real Girls Kitchen” host and her fiancé Matt Rosenberg welcomed their first child, daughter Ryan, on Monday, May 11. Haylie Duff’s rep says that both mom and baby are doing great, and the couple are thrilled to finally meet their baby girl and become a family of three. The new parents tell People, “We are on cloud nine and so happy she is finally here! Thank you to everyone for all their love, support, and well wishes!” Congratulations! (people.com)

    4. Woman gives birth on a plane; didn’t know she was pregnant
    While on board Air Canada heading towards Tokyo, Ada Guan, 23, gave birth to a baby girl on Mother’s Day, May 10, unexpectedly —- and by unexpectedly, we mean she didn't know she was pregnant. Even her doctor didn’t detect that she had a bun in the oven when she went for a check-up recently. During the flight, she said she experienced stomach pains, which turned out to be labor pains. Her boyfriend Wes Branch said, “We thought she had a bad stomach ache, or cramps, or ulcer, or something.” Baby Chloe was born at 37 weeks while flying over the Pacific. (yahoo.com)

    5. Family genetic reveals new clues to autism risk
    A new study of nearly 2,400 children with autism, their parents, and unaffected siblings has revealed valuable insights into the genetics of the condition. Researchers found that certain inherited mutations that shortens the formation of proteins were more common with autism, compared to their unaffected brothers and sisters. These mutations were more likely to be passed from mothers with no signs of having autism to their sons, who are more at risk to develop the condition. This adds to the growing number of studies on the condition and genetics in the past five years. The study was reported in the May 11 issue of Nature Genetics. (sciencedaily.com)

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