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  • 1. Photos reveal what moms’ real postpartum bodies look like

    Jane Beall photos of postpartum women


    Jane Beall photos of postpartum women


    Jane Beall photos of postpartum women


    Photographer Jade Beall defied the “photoshopped” beauty concept of women and chose to highlight how beautiful the bodies of mothers truly are. In her website ABeautifulBodyProject.com, she takes empowering photos of women who have been marked with stretch marks by their pregnancies “to build self-esteem in a world that thrives off women feeling insecure” and “to inspire future generations of women to be free from unnecessary self-suffering and embrace their beauty just as they are.” (boredpanda.com) Photos from jadebeall.com

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    2. Toddler walks four days after leg is amputated
    Vincent Lynick, a Minnesota toddler who was born without a left tibia -— his left leg was considerably shorter than his right -— had just turned one when he underwent a complicated surgery. His parents Sally and Michael were advised to have his leg removed from below the knee, which could eventually help him to walk easier on a prosthetic. Just four days after the surgery, Vincent was walking so much his cast actually fell off. He will be fitted with a prosthetic leg next month and every year after that to coincide with his growth. (nydailynews.com)

    3. "Taken" star Maggie Grace is engaged

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    Actress Maggie Grace has taken to Instagram to announce her engagement to boyfriend Matthew Cooke. The two did an impromptu photo shoot as they were already dressed up for the Global Green pre-Oscar party. As she flashed her vintage 1810 ring in one photo, she captioned: “Matthew Cooke and I are so excited to share our engagement with you guys! I could not feel more grateful to share my life with this incredible man." Congratulations! (people.com)

    4. Mom sells breastmilk online
    Lisa Charbonneau, a stay-at-home mom to three and who is able to pump 20 ounces of breast milk a day for her five-month old baby, has found a new source of income. She posted an ad online for her excess breast milk, but quickly took it down after finding two customers. One customer is a mom who couldn’t nurse but wants to give her child breast milk, and the other is a body builder who’s after the vitamins and nutrients in breast milk. Lisa is charging the mom less because she says if it were she who needed breast milk for her baby, she wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of. Health professionals warn against buying breast milk online, as there’s no way to know how safe it is. (yahoo.com)

    5. Processed foods are addictive
    A study from the University of Michigan and Mount Sinai Hospital found that people crave for sugar-, fat-, and salt-laden foods in the same way that druggies yearn for their daily hard-drug fix. Respondents showed signs of drug-type addiction for foods such as pizza, chocolate, and potato chips, while salmon and brown rice didn’t trigger a similar “high.” The good news is that food addiction, just like other addictions, can be beaten. The first step is to avoid temptation, like smells and advertisements that make one reach for junk food over healthy stuff. (nydailynews.com)

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