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  • Top of the Morning: Selfie Sticks Now Banned at Disney World Rides

    The rule comes after several accidents that are being attributed to "selfies"
  • 1. Disney aggressively banning selfies at parks

    Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is upping the ante on banning selfies —- especially ones that use selfie sticks —- at their parks. Signs are now up in various rides across the parks reinforcing a no-selfie-stick rule, or the ride will be stopped immediately. Using the device on board the rides poses a threat to the rider as they extend beyond the safe borders of the rides’ enclosures. This is an effort to contain the already high number of incidents in their parks. Selfie sticks are still allowed when not using the rides, however. (people.com)

    2. No smartphones lead to higher scores
    It seems that taking away smartphones from students can raise their test scores, a new study suggests. Researchers found that older kids who attend schools that had a ban on smartphones did better on tests, especially if they were struggling academically in the first place. Banning of smartphones from schools was meted with protest since parents use it to contact their kids in case of an emergency, but teachers believe it’s a distraction. (yahoo.com)

    3. Woman gives birth to rare triplets, two of them conjoined
    Silvia Hernandez of Texas gave birth via C-section to triplets Catalina, Ximena, and Scarlett on Saturday, May 16. The rare occurrence is made even more special because two of the babies, Ximena and Scarlett, are conjoined at the torso and share a colon. The conjoined babies are in good condition, but would likely wait six months, when they’re bigger and stronger, before undergoing a separation surgery. It will also give the doctors time to plan how to separate them. (huffingtonpost.com)  

    4. Dads don’t do baby talk and it’s okay
    According to a new study, many dads are spending a lot of time with their little ones but they don’t do baby talk. It’s not that they can’t do it; it’s just that they do it less than moms do. Dads, instead speak to their children the way they talk to other adults. The study is the first to look at and examine fathers’ verbal interactions with their children in a real world setting. (today.com)

    5. Six-year-old doesn’t let hydrocephalus stop her from learning
    Glaizel Lasa, 6, was born with hydrocephalus, which robbed her of her sight and strength and confined her to a wheelchair. But that didn’t stop her from getting excited to start school on June 1. A resident of Pangasinan, Glaiza will be part of the special education classes of Mangaldan Integrated School. “Magsusulat ako ng ABC,” she said when she was asked what she expects from school. She also said she wants to go to school and use the lessons she’d acquire when she grows up. (gmanetwork.com)

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