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  • We Have A Winner! Pampers Active Baby is the Best Diaper for Baby

    Don’t we all love babies’ soft, smooth skin?
  • That skin is extra sensitive. In fact, its outer layer is 20% to 30% thinner than adult skin, making it less resilient to irritants. Knowing this, Smart Parenting assembled a panel of baby experts to try and test top products that could affect baby’s delicate skin and sort out which brands are the best.

    First on Smart Parenting’s list? Finding the best disposable diaper for baby – a top priority since babies wear them practically 24/7 for the first three years of their lives! As the skin on baby’s butt is exposed to pee and poo every day, it is highly prone to rashes, irritations and infections. It’s important for moms to know that not all disposable diapers offer the same level of skin protection and it’s crucial for us to look beyond the price and be more discerning of the kind of diaper that they use on their baby.


    With this in mind, Smart Parenting set a 5-point criteria to test the performance of disposable diapers: dryness, absorption speed, comfortable fit, softness, and skin protection – all of which should be part of every mom’s consideration set when choosing the best diaper to protect her baby’s delicate skin.

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    So which disposable diaper won?

    Pampers Active Baby!



    Pampers Active Baby earned top scores in the criteria and tests conducted by Smart Parenting! Here are the results:


    1. Dryness

    The number one reason why babies wake up at night is because of wetness in their diaper. Keeping baby's skin dry is important not just to prevent baby's discomfort, but also to prevent the skin from infections and irritations. Even after several wettings, Pampers Active Baby was able to absorb wetness and still remain drier than all other brands. Not only can Pampers help prevent skin rashes for young baby, but could also give both mom and baby better sleep at night. 


    2. Absorption speed

    As baby's skin is prone to developing rashes when exposed to wetness for a long time, a diaper needs to be able to absorb pee quickly. Through an absorbency test, our panel of experts has discovered that Pampers Active Baby can absorb pee faster than any other brand, ensuring baby's bottom is exposed to as little wetness as possible.



    3. Comfortable Fit

    A diaper needs to have a snug fit that can stretch with baby's every move, ensuring he is comfortable while preventing diaper leakage. In addition, the diaper's tapes should be secure but not too tight so as not to leave red marks on baby's skin. Because of Pampers Active Baby's stretchy sides which can expand to the longest length of up to 40 centimeters, it has the flexibility to adapt to baby's movements but still prevent leakages.


    4. Softness

    Baby’s sensitive bum warrants a soft diaper. Pampers Active Baby has a soft cottony cover that is visibly supple to the touch, which can help prevent skin friction and irritations.


    5. Skin Protection 

    Test results show that Pampers Active Baby contains baby lotion on its topsheet which, according to studies, puts a protective layer between pee/poo in the diaper and baby's skin. It's important to shield baby from wetness in the diaper and his skin so as to prevent rashes and skin irritations from developing. 



    With Pampers Active Baby passing Smart Parenting's tests with flying colors, no wonder that it is the Overall Winner and simply the best in the Disposable Diapers category. 


    So when it comes to caring for your baby, make sure that you invest in a top quality diaper to help protect your baby’s sensitive skin.


    To know more about Pampers Active Baby's 5 Star skin protection, visit their official website: http://www.pampers.ph/pampers-active-baby-diapers 

    For more information on how to prevent diaper rash, visit http://www.smartparenting.com.ph/kids/baby/how-to-prevent-diaper-rash

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