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  • In PHOTOS: It's Fatherhood Bliss for These First-Time Celebrity Dads

    It's love at first sight for these new dads.
    by Vira Diego .
In PHOTOS: It's Fatherhood Bliss for These First-Time Celebrity Dads
PHOTO BY @pauljake_castillo, @g_eigenmann_, @ajabrenica, @nikkigil, @japoy_lizardo/instagram
  • Becoming a father and being responsible for a little one’s life may be intimidating for some, but these first-time dads have embraced their roles wholeheartedly. Just look at how quickly they’ve adapted to their new roles!

    1. Aljur Abrenica

    Aljur cannot stop cuddling his son Alas Joaquin, whom he has called "my happiness" or "my Friday madness," His Instagram account alone is filled with photos of him carrying or playing with Alas with the sweetest captions. He even memorizes scripts while taking care of his son. 

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    2. Japoy Lizardo

    Both Japoy and his wife Janice Lagman are taekwondo champs so we’re not surprised that they’re starting to get their adorable 10-month old son, Jace, acquainted with the sport. But that doesn’t mean that it’s their only bonding activity — Japoy loves playing with his son after infant class, too!


    Paul Jake Castillo

    This dad got the best gift ever because he and his son, Pio Joaquin, share the same birthday! Joaquin’s only been in this world for 13 days (as of this writing), but we’re sure he’s basking in all the love his dad can give!


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    4. Geoff Eigenmann

    We love a man who takes on daddy duties like a pro! Just look at his daughter Arabella Simone sleeping peacefully in his arms every time!

    5. BJ Albert

    Nikki Gil’s husband, who is an entrepreneur, has kept a low profile despite being married to a celebrity. But you can tell from his social posts it's love at first sight the way he looks at his firstborn, Finn. Plus, how hilarious is it that he even practiced for his dad duties using stuffed toys before Finn was born? That's dedication!

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