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  • What If... You Could Quit As A Parent?

    These Japanese parents' did! Read their letter to their son
  • Parenting is a lifelong journey. You don’t simply stop being a parent when your child turns 18 or 21. You can’t just quit when the going gets tough. But maybe it has crossed your mind whenever your toddler throws a major tantrum in the mall or when your financials just won’t add up because of the many costs that comes with raising a child?

    Well, these Japanese parents pushed through with it: They quit.

    On Yuma Hasegawa’s 20th birthday, he received a resignation letter from his parents. It even came in a festive-looking envelope.

    See, Hasegawa has reached the legal age in Japan. Aptly entitled “Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services,” his parents politely resigned from their parental duties and reiterated that they expect him to become a “proper, excellent member of society.”

    He posted the letter on his Twitter account and has been retweeted more than 25,000 times. 

    Its contents were originally translated by Rocket News 24.

    In the letter’s bullet points, it details what is expected of Hasegawa as a proper adult. He is to pay his parents rent if he wishes to continue living in their home. If he decides to loan money from his parents, he will be charged with interest just like any other money-lending facility. He can also marry whomever he wants; however, he must still discuss it with his parents and seek their “emotional acceptance.”

    His parents ended the letter with: "Think responsibly about the future and save money diligently. Please enjoy your life as an adult." 


    According to the Daily Mail, Hasegawa insists that his parents did the gesture in jest and said that he was actually already paying his parents rent. If that’s the case, the family must have had a good laugh.

    While we might have thought about it, we would never—ever—cease to be Mom and Dad. However, as parents we should also keep in mind that our kids would eventually grow up and take on their own responsibilities, and it's our job to prepare them for that. 

    Bernadette Benitez, M.D., section chief of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa City, says in an article on Smartparenting.com.ph that it’s never too early to teach life skills to kids. Encourage them to contribute to the age-appropriate tasks at home. This is also a surefire way to boost their confidence--the first step towards being a good, productive, and responsible grown-up.

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