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  • Why Maclaren Strollers Were Recalled in the U.S. and How to Prevent Stroller-Related Injuries

    We answer your biggest questions on the Maclaren stroller recall. Also, learn tips to prevent your toddler from encountering stroller accidents.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • Why were the Maclaren strollers recalled?
    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were 12 reported cases of children getting their fingertips amputated and 3 cases of lacerations because of the Maclaren strollers. This occurred after kids placed their fingers in the hinge mechanism of the stroller while it was being unfolded or opened. Mechanical objects, such as strollers, by their very design have pinch points or scissor points that cannot be removed.


    Where are the hinges located?
    The hinges, or elbow joints, are located on the side of the stroller (see photo below).




    What has been done regarding the issue?
    Maclaren, in cooperation with the U.S. (CPSC), has voluntarily recalled over one million strollers and is providing consumers a free kit to cover the elbow joints as a safety measure, available through its website and a special phone line.

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    Recalled stroller models (both single and double umbrella-type) include the following:

    • Volo
    • Triumph
    • Quest Sport
    • Quest Mod
    • Techno XT
    • TechnoXLR
    • Twin Triumph
    • Twin Techno
    • Easy Traveller

    “As further reassurance we have updated our operating instructions and placed a warning label on the buggy to ensure that customers take care and keep children away from the buggy when it is being folded or unfolded,” as stated in Maclaren’s official statement.


    Does recall mean that Maclaren consumers will get a refund or a replacement for their strollers?
    The term “voluntary recall” does not mean that the products will be replaced and or refunded from the customers. Maclaren clarifies, “In the US the term product recall means corrective action or the modification of products which can be carried out in the home.”



    What if I have a Maclaren stroller here in the Philippines? Can I also avail of the hinge cover kit?
    Yes. Should you opt to get a hinge cover kit, you may contact the Philippine distributor of Maclaren strollers, FBC Global Trading Philippines, by dialing (02) 994-5675, and leave your full name, contact details, and e-mail address. Look for Michelle Traqueña. Calling from outside Manila? You may also e-mail the same details to fbcglobal88@gmail.com.

    You will be advised once the hinge cover kits are available. You will then receive a demonstration and briefing on how the hinge cover kits should be installed onto your Maclaren strollers. These will be conducted in FBC Global Trading Philippines branches nationwide.


    When are the Maclaren hinge cover kits going to be available here in the Philippines?
    FBC Global Trading Philippines is expecting the arrival of the first batch of hinge covers by the week of November 23rd.



    What can parents do to avoid any stroller-related accidents and/or injuries to their child?
    Just as with any other mechanical piece for children, parents should always practice vigilance so as to avoid any untoward incidents. Remember that devices such as strollers, regardless of the brand, each come with their own safety precautions and instructions, in order to prevent accidents.

    Some stroller safety tips from Maclaren:

    • Always read the operating instructions before use—don’t force the mechanisms—stop and check the instructions.
    • Keep children clear of the stroller during opening and folding.
    • Never leave your child unattended in a stroller – even with the harness fastened.
    • Always use the safety harness.
    • Don’t overload the stroller. Heavy items hanging from the handles can cause the stroller to topple over.
    • Don’t let children play or climb on a stroller and don’t carry a second child on a stroller designed for one child.
    • Negotiate curbs carefully. Wherever possible always carry a stroller down flights of stairs.
    • Always apply the stroller brakes when stationary.
    • Keep the stroller clean: check brakes and wheels regularly.



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