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Woman With Double Uterus Gives Birth To Twins 87 Days Apart
  • A woman from Kazakhstan has given birth to miracle twins 87 days apart, Science Alert reports. The Kazakh Health Ministry shared the news of the births — a first in the country — on social media, and estimates that the rare case was a one-in-50-million chance.

    Liliya Konovalova, 29, gave birth to her daughter, Liya, at just 25 weeks on May 24, 2019. The baby weighed only one pound and 13 ounces at birth and spent a month in intensive care. Liya’s twin brother, Maxim, arrived more than two and a half months later, on August 9, 2019.

    “My son was in no rush to come out into the world,” Liliya told local news outlet, RT, describing her baby boy as a warrior. Maxim weighed six pounds and six ounces at birth.

    Twins having different birthdays is not unheard of, but an 11-week-long gap is rare. In March 2019, a woman from Bangladesh named Arifa Sultana gave birth to three babies 26 days apart.

    Both Arifa and Liliya were born with a rare anatomical condition called uterus didelphys, a uterine malformation resulting in having two uteruses.

    According to Scientific American, uterus didelphys occurs in one out of every 2,000 women worldwide, but only one in every 25,000 million of those women gets pregnant with twins, one developing in each uterus. It means that the odds of any woman getting pregnant and growing two babies in separate wombs is one in 50 million.

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    Often women who have a double uterus do not know they have it until they become pregnant. They are also unaware that they’re pregnant with twins. Common complications include miscarriage and premature births.


    In 2009, a woman from Michigan also made headlines when she prematurely gave birth to twin girls, one from each womb. They discovered her uterus didelphys two years prior when she lost twins — also one in each womb — to miscarriage.

    Liliya was shocked when she first found out she had uterus didelphys when she got pregnant with her first child, a girl now aged 7. She was worried about her premature daughter. “Thanks to our doctors, we prevailed… what they did is a miracle,” she said.

    Born nearly three months apart, Liya and Maxim are now developing healthily. Both of them weighed slightly under ten pounds as they prepared to go home from the hospital last August.

    A woman who has uterus didelphys will usually not exhibit any symptoms. Most women with a double uterus don’t have problems getting pregnant. A routine exam with your obstetrician-gynecologist could help diagnose if you have it. There is usually no need to treat the condition, but surgery may be recommended.

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