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10 Times A Big Car Is A Necessity for Moms
  • 1. When you have small kids.
    It's mom and dad's day out with the new baby! You'd think such a tiny person could fit into a sedan with you, right? Well, maybe he could -- but not his personal effects! Imagine: your baby's bags full of diapers, feeding bottles, wet wipes, change of clothes, vitamins, and what-not; a stroller, a car seat, and, how could you manage without your yaya? It's no wonder new moms say leaving the house with the baby often means "dala ang buong bahay".

    2. When you have two kids, or more.
    You would be used to all the bickering and tattling at home if you have several kids, but it's nothing compared to an entire trip to lolo and lola's in one car (at least you could hide in the bathroom at home). A few minutes into the trip and you'll surely be made aware that this sibling doesn't like to be seated with that sibling, and that your little boy can gross out his sisters with a bit of snot or processed air.     

    3. When you go out to get your weekly groceries.
    The weekly trip to the supermarket can be therapeutic for most moms -- crossing out items from the list, discovering new products, and carefully reading the labels on them -- especially if you go in the morning when the place isn't crowded yet. The downside, of course, is when you have to haul your heavy stash into the car trunk by yourself.

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    4. When classes get suspended due to bad weather and you have to pick up the kids from school.
    It's bad enough when you have to wake the kids up early to go to school on a stormy morning. The worst part is when you're notified at mid-day that classes have been cancelled -- and you have to brave the already flooded streets and the traffic to get your kids home safely.

    5. When you want to go on a vacation / road trip.
    When you work hard Mondays through Fridays, sometimes all you want to do on a weekend is to sleep or binge-watch your favorite series -- something you definitely can't do while at home because you'll still end up doing some house work for sure. A short road trip or a staycation with the family is often what it takes to unwind, and when you do, guess what you'll need? Yup, car space for your overnight bags. And a bit more for some retail therapy, too.

    6. When you go out of town and rough roads are inevitable.
    Speaking of road trips, if your destination of choice involves driving up "Bitukang Manok" to Quezon province, or the steep Kennon road on your way to Baguio, you'll definitely need a car with a powerful engine to get you there safely. You don't wanna take chances, do you?

    7. When you play chauffeur to your kids on a weekend.
    Once your kids hit the age of 9 or 10, expect their weekend schedule to be more packed than yours -- something that would require a great deal of planning on your part. In between bringing your daughter to her ballet class and your son to the Kumon center, you're also going to have to plan your weekend around a number of birthday party invitations and dentist appointments. It will be a lot easier if you come to accept early on the fact that you're going to spend a lot of time in your car waiting, cursing traffic, and heaving sighs of resignation.

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    8. When you and hubby want to escape for a while.
    As the song goes, "precious and few are the moments you two can share," so why not make the most of it? A spur-of-the-moment trip to Tagaytay -- just the two of you -- may just be what you need to keep you sane. For that, you need a reliable ride that won't conk out on you while on the road.

    9. When you have to accomplish a million errands in one day.
    Buying gifts for a daughter's classmate. Bringing the faulty toy back to the store for replacement. Going to your child's school to pay fees. Because sometimes, you have to do some things yourself.

    10. When you want to save up on gas.
    The only time two isn't better than one is when you're talking about driving a car. When you're traveling with friends or extended family, it's best to fit everyone in one car to save up on fuel. Of course, it's also an opportune time to catch up on each other's lives. As they say, it's not so much the destination, but the journey, that makes for a wonderful ride.

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    The Trendy EcoSport: Compact Urban SUV


    Ford Ecosport

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    The Sophisticated Escape: Stylish and Refined SUV

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    The Capable Everest: A Whole New SUV

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