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  • mom and babyBonding with the kids is an activity that both parents and kids love, especially when done outdoors. Make sure your outing isn’t spoiled by untoward incidents. Here are some products that can help you keep the kids safe while outdoors:

    1. Car seat
    Have your kids use a car seat when travelling. We don’t know when accidents will happen. Car seats reduce the chance (by over 95%) that your baby will be harmed or killed in a vehicle accident because they are designed to spread the force of a crash evenly over a baby’s body, according to the book First-Year Baby Care. It was also mentioned in the book that it’s best to put babies or children in the car seat than hold them or seat them in the lap. Sudden stops or a crash can cause the person holding the baby, or the weight of the person holding the baby might crush and hurt the baby badly.

    Babies and toddlers should be placed in rear-facing car seats until they are two years old or until they reach the maximum height and weight limits for their car seat according to the updated guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Only after their second birthday should they be allowed to use forward-facing car seats which should still be placed at the back of the car, never in the passenger’s seat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends guidelines on the use of booster seats as well. “They said that children be placed in a booster seat once their height or weight exceeds the limit for their forward-facing car seat. Children should remain in a booster seat until the vehicle seat belt fits properly. According to the AAP, this typically occurs when a child reaches 4'9" in height -- between the ages of eight and 12.” In other countries, one cannot travel with babies and small children unless they are strapped properly in car seats.  

    2. Child Safety Harness
    Kids love to explore and sometimes they get carried away in their exploration that they don’t notice they are already wandering away from their parents. A lot of times, kids would just dart from one place to another, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the one watching over them to track where they went and run after them. This could be scary for any parent who suddenly could not locate his kid especially in a crowded place. Kids run fast and they are small so locating them can be very challenging.  Moreover, no matter how much you try to warn a child about straying away, they can easily forget this when they see something that piques their interest or curiosity. Products such as a child safety harness would be very helpful in having a stress-free and peaceful trip to a fun yet crowded place like a mall or when walking outside where there are roads or streets nearby. These kinds of products help you keep your child safe and close to you while giving the child some freedom to explore his surroundings. This is highly recommended for kids who have so much energy and who resist to be held by hand like my very active three year old.


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