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  • Some traffic experiences are tolerable–but Holy Week traffic definitely isn’t one of them. Many travelers still dread the unimaginable traffic Holy Week brings in spite of having experienced it for years. But since it’s quite impossible to rid ourselves of Holy Week traffic, it’s just best to prepare in advance so you and your kids can have a delightful experience. Regardless of your mode of transportation, here are seven handy travel tips to help you prepare for your Holy Week road trip.
    Keep the house secure. Before leaving the house, double check everything–from padlocks down to electrical appliances. Were you able to unplug your appliances? Were you able to lock the windows and doors? Two people in the family should take turns double checking the house so nothing is missed. Safekeeping of your home before the trip is the first step to having peace of mind while you are on your road trip.
    Attend to the call of nature first. Prior to your road trip, you might want to take a trip to the restroom first. If it’s a relatively short road trip, then there’s no need to worry. But if it’s a long road trip and you’re riding a bus unequipped with a simple toilet, then frequent bathroom visits may not be possible, unless you can wait for the next stopover. So go to the restroom before you get stuck in heavy traffic. If you’re riding a car, make side trips to gasoline stations (for gassing up or the toilet) part of your itinerary.
    Pack like a pro! True-blooded travelers roll their clothes up when packing, to save them the trouble of dragging several pieces of baggage for a trip. It’s a trick that you shouldn’t miss, too, if you want to travel lightly and conveniently.
    Wear summer friendly or light clothes. Though you may be traveling in an air-conditioned car or bus, being stuck in heavy traffic for hours can make you feel really hot! Aside from that, there is the possibility of the engine or air-con overheating, too. Many travelers can attest to this experience. Wearing summer friendly fabric or light clothes can loosen up the tension–and the heat, of course.
    Feed your grumbling stomachs. If you want to do away with too many expenses while on the road, stock up on food and drinks beforehand. These items become unreasonably expensive, especially when you have to purchase them from convenience stores or retailers on the road. Pack up, however, food that are not messy, such as cookies, pretzels, baked goodies, and other healthy munchies. If possible, put them in plastic containers. For homemade sandwiches, make sure to wrap them up (to be eco-friendly, try wrapping them in cloth napkins). Make sure to consider the needs of your infants or babies, too, when preparing food. For beverages, it’s best to bring water or juice in a travel container for each of you. Make sure to have enough supplies.
    Entertain the bored mind. If kids find long trips somehow boring, you’re in for worse complaints when traffic sets in. If you have board games, try to bring one that you can play with your family during the trip. You can also play guessing games, such as name that tune or question and answer games, with the whole family. For mommies, you can also do storytelling and read books aloud to keep your kids busy and distracted from the traffic–and it’s a trick to even put them to sleep! Electronic gadgets, like an iPod or PSP can also keep you and your kids busy. Also, try to people-watch and ask your kids’ observations. Appreciate nature by looking out at the lovely landscapes. Whoever is the designated driver for the trip can also join in the fun, unless it distracts him from his driving. If you notice that the driver is irritated or tense due to traffic, try to cheer him to help him keep his cool.
    Travel like a boy scout. Don’t forget to bring your first aid kit. Contents should include disinfectants like Betadine, alcohol, cotton, band-aid, and medicines that you may need in case of an emergency. Be ready for possible vomiting, too. Best to be laging handa!
    Holy Week road trips are something most city dweller families are familiar with. However, don’t let traffic or other minor problems get in the way of your vacation. Follow our travel tips above and enjoy your Holy Week road trip.

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