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  • 10 Reasons Why Baby is Fussy and How to Soothe Him

  • Becoming a mom will always be a wonderful experience, from the moment you hold your newborn for the first time, and well into the following days that you spend with him. But the wonders of being a new mom also come with some bumps—especially the times when you can't seem to calm your crying baby. 

    Here are little things that can make your newborn cry and also, the ways to soothe him.



    1. He's hungry.

    This is usually the first thing that bothers your baby. Sucking motions, puckering lips, and moving his head from side to side are some of the cues for you to start feeding him. 


    2. He needs to burp.

    Your little one might have swallowed more air while feeding, so be sure to help him release air from his tummy by patting his back gently.


    3. He's uncomfortable.

    He could be too hot, or too cold, or itchy somewhere. Keep the temperature in your room comfortable, or check if your baby's clothes are making him feel hot. You can also check his clothes for loose threads or tags that may be irritating him.



    4. He has a dirty nappy.

    You can help prevent his cries from getting louder by cleaning him up with Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes, which is just like a diaper cream that prevent diaper rash.


    5. He has diaper rash.

    Your baby’s skin may be too sensitive even if you change his nappies as quickly as you can. Before putting on a new diaper, pat his skin dry with Johnson’s Baby Complete Powder which repels wetness to help prevent irritation


    6. He needs sleep.

    If your little one is the fussy type when it comes to bedtime, he may need some help getting settled. Calm him down by giving him a warm full body bath or sponge bath using Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath. After that, you can also help him relax by giving him a massage with Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion. Cap off the ritual by applying Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Powder so baby stays comfortable while he sleeps. You can also take this time to sing him a lullaby so he’ll drift off to the sound of your voice, too.


    7. He has tummy problems.

    If your baby cries too much and he becomes a bit gassy, he might be suffering from colic. Ease his discomfort by giving his belly a gentle rub and using Johnson’s Baby Oil to lessen friction and irritation. 


    8. He finds bath time stressful.

    Bath time is supposed to be fun and refreshing, but it might not be the case for all babies. If your little one doesn’t enjoy baths, try swaddle bathing, which requires wrapping your baby in a blanket so that he feels safe before you let him soak in the tub. You can remove this blanket just before cleaning his body with a gentle wash like Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Body Wash.

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    Here's a video on how to do swaddle bathing for your baby.


    9. He gets irritated even at playtime.

    The slightest hint of discomfort might spoil the fun. To prevent baby from getting irritated, gently rub Johnson’s Baby Powder all over his body to protect him against bacteria-causing heat and wetness. You can even make him feel fresher by applying a little cologne on his shirt.


    10. He just wants to be held.

    In the end, you might be the only one he wants. Make the most of your quality time by cuddling him and giving him light massages. Sometimes, your gentle touch is enough to calm him down.



    Do you have further baby care questions? Head to Johnson's Baby's Facebook page and ask your questions using #tanongnimommy!  For more awesome baby tips and how-tos, also visit Smart Parenting's special page for baby care!

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