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  • 10 Tips to Keep Baby’s Skin Healthy

    A mother's touch can actually be the key to keeping your baby’s skin smooth and healthy for a long time.
  • Achieving “baby-soft skin” is the goal of many adults. What we don’t know is that baby’s skin is at least 30 per cent thinner than adult skin, so it’s more prone to water loss and more susceptible to damage and infection. As with everything else concerning your little one, baby’s skin also needs a lot of care to keep it healthy and moisturized. 

    Read on to see some ways to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.




    1. Avoid products that are harsh on baby's skin.

    Itchy skin can be caused by fabrics that touch your baby’s skin, so be sure to use only products for your baby, like clothes, bed linen, blankets, and towels with gentle fibers and toys that are free of lead and other harmful chemicals.

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    2. Keep the baby clean.

    Stick to a regular bath time schedule for your baby. Let him soak in warm water for three to five minutes at bath time and choose a cleanser that keeps his skin’s natural moisture, like Johnson's Baby Top-To-Toe Wash.


    3. Pat him dry.

    Lightly pat baby’s skin with a towel after bath time. Avoid rubbing, as this can damage his skin.


    4. Seal it with some love.

    Lock in moisture within three minutes after bath time by applying baby lotion that provides 24-hour moisturization, like Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Rubbing lotion on baby’s skin is also a good way to bond with him. This also prevents baby skin problems such as atopic dermatitis. 



    5. Freshen up.

    Apply baby powder on your little one’s body before playtime. This will prevent his skin from getting irritated by bacteria-causing heat and wetness. Make sure to apply some powder behind his knees and elbows, as the folds of baby’s skin can easily get irritated.


    6. Clean him up gently.

    You can keep your baby clean and prevent diaper rash at the same time by using Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes to wipe his bottom after a diaper change. It’s less messy, too!


    7. Give him a massage.

    Infant massage relaxes your baby and keeps his skin smooth at the same time. Use Johnson's Baby Oil--made of 100% pure mineral oil--to reduce friction.


    8. Shield him from the sun.

    Babies need protection from the sun as much as adults do. Shield him with hats and umbrellas when you’re going out. 


    9. Marks make your baby unique.

    Don’t be too bothered by birthmarks or flaky skin. Birthmarks need no treatment and adds character to your little one.



    10. Ask your pediatrician.

    On your next trip to the pedia, ask about moisture meters, a thermometer-like device that measures baby’s skin moisture. The moisture meter helps measure how healthy baby's skin is by checking its moisture level. This will ensure that your baby’s skin is never too dry.



    Have unanswered questions? Ask them with the #tanongnimommy on Johnson's Baby's Facebook page!  You can also check Smart Parenting's special page for baby care for more awesome baby tips and how-tos :) 

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