• 10 Unique Baby Names That Mean 'Miracle', 'Blessed' and 'Gift'

    Name hunting? Consider these charming baby names for girls and boys
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
10 Unique Baby Names That Mean 'Miracle', 'Blessed' and 'Gift'
  • If parenting is a proof of anything, it's that life is full of wonders and miracles—both big and small. The journey may not always be easy, but raising a child is always a gift to treasure. Consider these lovely baby names that may just be what you’re looking for:

    1. Mireille 
    French in origin, the name Mireille bears the meaning “miraculous” or, simply, “miracle.” Variations of the name include Marvella and Mireya, with the latter being Spanish in origin. 

    2. Asher
    Did you know this name appears in the Bible? Asher, in Hebrew, means “blessed” or “happy.” Asher was the eighth son of Jacob who was blessed with an abundant and fruitful life. 

    3. Loreto
    Loreto is actually a town in Italy, but it's also given as a name to baby boys. Loreto is also associated to mean “miracle” as it is said that the home of the Virgin Mary was miraculously carried by angels from Nazareth to the Italian town. 

    4. Ayah
    The name Ayah comes from the Arabic word meaning “miracle.” In Islamic tradition, it also means “sign of God's greatness.” Isn't it such a beautiful and delicate name for a baby girl too? 

    5. Thaddeus

    A lovely boy's name, Thaddeus has Aramaic origins and means “gift of God.” In Hebrew, the name also means “valiant” and “wise.” Thaddeus was also one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, though his name would appear in different forms, including Jude Thaddeus or Jude. 

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    6. Iva
    Iva, like Thaddeus, means “gift from God.” In English-speaking parts of the world, the name comes from the ivy plant which has evergreen foliage. Variations of the name include Ivana, Ivanka and Ivka. 

    7. Benedict
    Though fairly common, Benedict is a rather old but beautiful boy's name which is Latin in origin. It comes from the word "benedictus," meaning "blessed." Famous bearers of the name include Saint Benedict and, more recently, Pope Benedict XVI, and actor Benedict Cumberbatch. 

    8. Pandora

    In Greek, dora or doros means “gift.” Pandora then means “all gifts” and “gift of all the gods.” The name, however, is most remembered for the mythological tale of Pandora’s Box. Pandora, the first mortal woman, was endowed by the gods with many gifts. Unfortunately, Pandora was also responsible for opening a jar containing all the evils of the world. 

    9. Donatello

    Donatello is the name of a great Italian sculptor, but kids may also be familiar with it as a character from the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (the four main turtles were named after artists of the European Renaissance). In Latin, the name means “giving.” 

    10.  Matteo 
    Though another fairly common name, Matteo is related to the name Matthew, which means “gift of God.” Variations include Mattias and Matteus. Mattea is also given to baby girls. 

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