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  • 10 Unique and Beautiful Baby Names That Mean 'Love'

    Name hunting? Consider these charming baby names for girls and boys
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
10 Unique and Beautiful Baby Names That Mean 'Love'
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  • Whether or not your baby was born in the love month of February, love-inspired names for baby girls and boys are always the perfect pick.

    Best baby names that mean love 

    Names that mean love is a no-fail choice for babies. It conveys what a parent feels for his child, plus there are a lot of options to choose from. Below are different names that mean 'love' in different languages or origins, as well as monikers that mean a child of love or beloved. 

    Names that mean love for girls

    1. Aiko

    Japanese in origin, Aiko is actually a girl’s name. It can mean “love” or “child of love.” It’s fairly common in the country but it’s rarely heard outside of Asia. Other Japanese charming Japanese names to consider for a baby girl include Keiko meaning “adored child” and Miyoko meaning “beautiful child.” All can have the cute nickname Koko.

    2. Carys

    Carys is a girl’s name with a Welsh origin and it also means “love.” It’s the name of the now 14-year-old daughter of Hollywood celebrities Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas. 

    3. Kalila

    Arabic in origin, Kalila is name given to girls which means “dearly loved.” Its Muslim meaning is “beloved.” Nicknames for Kalila can be Lila, Kal, or Lilly. 

    4. Carwyn

    This is actually a boy’s name which is Welsh in origin. It means “blessed love.” For baby girls, the feminine version of the name is Carwen. It’s a letter away from Arwen, the name of the princess of the elves in Lord of the Rings, whose name means “noble maiden.” 


    5. Eros

    Found in Greek mythology, Eros is the god of love often depicted in the stories as a handsome youth. He is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. His Roman mythological counterpart is Cupid. 

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    Names that mean love for boys

    6. Jeb

    Jeb, meaning “beloved friend,” can be short for Jebediah which is Hebrew in origin. Its variants include Jed and Jedidiah meaning “beloved of God.” 

    7. Myrna

    In Celtic, this name means “beloved girl” and in Arabic it’s associated with myrrh, an oil most known for being one of the wise men’s gift to the infant Jesus. A variation in spelling is Mirna.

    8. Freya

    This is the name of one of the main divinities in Norse mythology. Freya is goddess of love, beauty and fertility and her name also bears the meaning “lady” or “noble woman.” 

    9. Romeo

    Half of one of the world’s most famous pair of lovers, Romeo is the match to Shakespeare’s Juliet. It’s a name well-known and is slowly rising in popularity. 

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    10. Milo

    Heard in Greek and Slavic cultures, Milo is the more popular version of Milos which means “lover of glory” and “soldier.”  A variation is Miles. 

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