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  • 10 Ways a Baby Changes your Life

    A new baby, no doubt, turns his parents' world around. These moms share with us their experiences.
    by Jazer Basan .
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    This article was updated on February 24, 2015

    1. Your bed becomes crowded.

    “Bed space becomes limited with the arrival of the new baby. I sacrifice my own comfort, as long as my baby sleeps comfortably." - Michelle Nequinto-Hidalgo, mom to 3 year old Vince.

    “His is the last face I want to see before I close my eyes and end my day. His limbs blissfully fall over my body when I wake up as he takes up more space. These little things make life really worth living!” - Andrea Cecille Akim, mom to 3-year-old Liam Galahad

    2. You shop for 2 (or three, or more).

    “When I'm shopping for an item I need, I can't help passing by the children's section and end up buying things for my baby instead. What about those which I need to buy for myself? There's always a next time.” - Joy Ann Z. Caldo, 28; mom to 2-year-old Xian Allen


    3. Vanity falls to the bottom rank on your priority list. 

     “I used to be vain and spend thousands on my looks. After I had a baby, there came a time when I needed to rush her to the hospital for an emergency so I had no time to fix myself, so I was at the hospital looking like a modern-day Sisa. Since I became a mother, nothing matters to me more than my baby's well being. I don’t care anymore if people don't find me attractive - I know my baby thinks I'm fabulous.” - Pearl Cervantes, 23; mom to 2-year-old Alexandria Chloe


    “I used to easily get grossed out, even by the mere word "poop". Having a baby means I have to ignore the nasty thoughts and get on with it whenever I have to change the nappy. My weakness turned to strength and I overcame my fears.” - Bianca dela Rosa, 24; mom to 2-year-old Aidan Ryleigh and 10-month-old Adrianne Raphael

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    4. Your career and social life take a backseat.

    “I gave up my career for a quiet life with my baby. My son often got sick and it's hard when your child's health is at stake. I feel guilty leaving him for work so I decided to take care of him myself full time. My husband understands how sometimes I get affected by people who regret my choice of trading my position, skill and cum laude title for a job that has nothing to do with everything I studied and worked for. But all these thoughts vanish with just a kiss and a hug from my baby. I feel complete and superior.” - Louchi Mendoza, mom to 1-year-old Marco Luis

    “I gave up my work and even sacrificed my social life to personally take care of my son. I've been a stay-at-home mom for 4 years now. Thankfully, he never got seriously sick since.” - Melanie Sandoval Ella, 27; mom to 3-year-old Kent Ernest

    “I used to have a busy social life, but when my angels came, I changed. I had to focus on being a hands-on mom since my husband started working abroad. Now that they are old enough to be left with their Lola, I'm slowly getting back to that other part of me I miss. Now I already have a job and I balance that with the quality time I spend with them." - Marlyn H. Soriano, mom to 5-year-old Frances Brielle and 2-year-old Franz Breindhel


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    5. Your routine is no longer … well, routinary.

    “Time management and a well planned routine is vital for a working mom like me. The birth of my second daughter broke that. I want to put in as much time as I can in being hands-on with her, which leaves me very little time for myself. I learned to put on make up in less than 5 minutes and I managed to complete my morning routine in a flash. Once, my boss gave me a powder room break before the start of a meeting. I realized I forgot to comb my hair.” - Madonna Estapia-Lobido, 33; mom to 10-year-old Margott Evangeline and 6-month-old Mhadde Chzorina

    6. You learn to loosen up.

    “I became a quintessential OC mom with my firstborn. Bedsheets had to be replaced 3 times a week, everyone must sanitize before holding my baby (or, better yet, they should first take a bath). However, those things changed with the birth of my second daughter. Though the washing of hands is still a rule, I don't freak out anymore when someone wants to hold my baby. If her coffee-drinking grannies kiss her, then she’ll be sporting a eau-de-cafe scent and I don’t mind anymore. My outlook in life changed, and even with the fortune spent on their needs and with the sleepless nights, I still believe this is THE life for me.” - Eve Yasona, mom to Katherine Yancy and Sophia Kaye

    “I decided to give up my dream of becoming an author and a multi-tasker and focus on becoming a better teacher and a mother instead. A teacher needs to be patient and that's one of the big changes that happened to me. My students observe that I became more patient, more understanding, more caring, and more motherly.” - Neshie Joyce I. Guntinas, 31; mom to 3-year-old Leiff Nathanael and currently 4 months pregnant



    7. You have other people to consider at mealtimes.

     “Before, I never cared about leftovers. Now I let the children be served first and wait for them to finish so I can eat what’s left on their plates.” - Mariann Tormon, 32; mom of 8-year-old Micah and 4-year-old Iza

    “Before having a baby, I gave excuses to skip meals. Now I understand how important it is to have meals together as a family. Every time I wake up, I know what my purpose in this life is. I became selfless and matured in the most magical way. Having a baby gave me a sense of security, for I know that I will never be alone, ever." - France dela Fuerte mom to 3year old Miggy


    8. You become a kid again.
    “It's still a puzzle to me how we moms comprehend our babies. It's like they have their own language, but we manage to understand them not with our ears but with our hearts. Eventually, that language turns into speech and we continue to listen with a promise that we'll try to keep that understanding throughout their lives.” - Rhoda Viernesto-Cabuang, mom of 7-year-old Reigne Madelyne and 3-year-old Renee Alexz

    “I used to think kids and babies wouldn’t like me. I'm not the playful type and I wouldn’t know how to get along with them. I was surprised to find how natural it was for me to play with and entertain my own baby. I never thought I would enjoy playing peek-a-boo for an hour straight or have a kiddie TV theme song play on loop in my head. I teach her to be a loving and polite girl and she teaches me to be a good and patient mom. Suddenly, I'm not so self-centered anymore.” - Vanessa Manila-Dy, 29; mom to 1-year-old Zoe Alexa.



    9. You become more appreciative of your own mother.

    “I used to be the center of my own world, but now I can't stop talking about my baby and my journey to motherhood. I used to be tolerable of my sister's jokes and antics but now I literally sound like my mother. I became appreciative of her and how it wasn't easy for her to raise us. To show her my gratitude, I give a her a treat whenever I can.” - Yanna Solace Abrera-Adofina, 24; mom-to-be to Lucas Timothy Ram


    “Having a baby gave me a chance to correct my mistakes as a daughter to my own mother. I want to be a good mother like her so that I will be loved by my kids in return.” - Norie Coching, mom to 4-year-old Julisha

    10. You finally learn what unconditional love means.

    “I thought my health problems would deny me of my dream of becoming a mother. It was a miracle that I had my firstborn at the age of 30. God even granted me the blessing twice, and with a special purpose since one of my boys is a special child, whom I unselfishly and unconditionally love. I may be just a nobody, but to my boys - especially my eldest - I am their world.” - Melissa Montino, 33; mom to 3-year-old Jarius and 2-year-old Jacob.

    “Having a baby taught me to surrender and let go of things I have no control over. My daughter's condition made me realize I could not predict nor change everything. Having her made me more faithful and trustful in God, to whom I surrender everything." - Vanessa Palad-Salosagcol, mom to 2-year-old Sophia Adele and 22 weeks pregnant.

    How has your baby changed YOU? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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