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  • Baby Makes Eye Contact And Smiles Back! 7 Milestones To Watch Out From Your 2 Month Old

    Your little ones can do a lot at this stage and their personality begins to shine through, too!
    by Kaydee Dela Buena .
Baby Makes Eye Contact And Smiles Back! 7 Milestones To Watch Out From Your 2 Month Old
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  • Your little bug is now two months old. By this time, their personalities are beginning to shine through! From cooing to babbling, what else can a 2 month old baby do?

    2 month baby milestones

    As you play with your child and engage more often with them during their waking hours, you can check for the following 2-month baby milestones. Remember, these developmental milestones are not set in stone. They are simply a guide and general checklist for your baby’s progress.  

    Here are the developmental milestones you can expect in the next few weeks.

    Physical development and cognitive development

    Baby’s movement is now smoother and more coordinated

    As they gain more strength, your baby will also gain better control of their arms and legs. From jerky movements, they are now more coordinated and are able to wiggle and squirm when lying on their back.

    Baby is better at lifting themselves up and are starting to roll over


    At 2 months old, babies can usually hold their heads up by themselves. They can push themselves up using their arms during tummy time and move their head side to side.

    Some babies try to start rolling over at this stage, so be on the watch as they may get into an accident. If they succeed, great! But some babies can also take a month or two before they achieve this milestone.

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    Baby is beginning to grasp for objects

    It’s grabby, grabby for your little baby. When they see an object, they’ll try to grasp it. And once they do, it’s hard to let go!

    To help their development, stimulate their brain using colorful play objects. This is where those plush toys and mobiles for the crib come in handy. Be sure to keep any sharp objects and the like away as they’ll definitely put it in their mouth.


    Baby will be able to focus and follow objects

    When toys or food are held near their face, babies will follow the objects with their eyes. In addition, they will focus on faces more intently. Their eyes may still cross, but should not be as often.

    Developmental red flags

    Consult your pediatrician if you notice the following:

    • Your baby does not follow objects with their eyes
    • Does not seem to make eye contact
    • Is having difficulty holding their head up on their own

    Social and emotional development

    Baby recognizes voices and faces

    At 2 months, your baby's brain is rapidly developing. And many new parents ask, “Does a 2 month old baby recognize his mother?” In fact, they do!

    Babies are such a joy at this age as they recognize voices and faces already. They easily smile at people and are now learning to self-soothe. You’ll notice this when in certain situations, they will bring their hands to their mouth and suck on their fists.


    Also, they may try looking for and at their parents. Expect them to make eye contact with you when you’re playing and talking to them.

    Baby is more communicative

    At this stage, you baby will start to become more expressive and responsive — cooing and making gurgling sounds. You may notice that when they’re bored or hungry, your little one becomes a bit fussier and cries if they want to be fed or picked up.

    Developmental red flags

    Consult your pediatrician if you notice the following:

    • Does not engage with people, even with a smile
    • Doesn’t react or respond to sounds
    • Is not showing habits of self-soothing


    This is a period of immense and rapid growth, so expect your baby to want to be fed more often. You’ll know when to feed as they stick out their tongue or making sucking movements and sounds with their mouths. They can gain around 900 grams this month and grow anywhere from an additional 2.5cm to 3.8 cm in length!


    A 2 month old baby does a lot at this stage, so encourage and stimulate your baby’s overall development with gentle play and conversation. Engage with them using toys and by talking to them in a soothing voice. You’ll be rewarded not only with generous smiles but happy kicks!

    When it comes to your child’s growth and development, remember that each baby is unique. While the red flags should not cause alarm, always consult your doctor for any concerns about your child’s. Early intervention is key!

    Click here for a list of developmental milestones you can expect from your growing child.

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