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  • 4 Keys For A Soft And Healthy Baby Skin

    These key ingredients will help you make sure your child's skin is ready for the outside world.
  • Did you know that your baby's skin is only two-thirds the thickness of an adult's skin? It is also more prone to dryness because it loses moisture up to five times faster than your skin. Your little one's skin is also very sensitive and vulnerable to the environment especially while he's playing and exploring.

    When it comes to choosing baby products for your little one, make sure you have these ingredients in the mix!

    Milk Protein

    This wonderful ingredient helps smoothen your baby's skin after little abrasions caused by play. It boosts the immune system of your little one's skin too and replenishes its natural elasticity. Milk protein is also non-irritating and is a great option for babies with very dry and sensitive skin.


    Rice Protein

    Rice protein in baby skin care products helps improve the skin's moisture barrier. It also keeps the skin hydrated and protected from environmental aggressors. Rice protein is also an effective cleansing ingredient.

    Vitamin A

    This ingredient works by correcting all skin conditions. Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the inner layer of the skin. It also repairs the skin and optimizes your little one's natural UV protection. Vitamin A also helps reduce spots and pigmentation and it also naturally exfoliates the skin, making it smooth and soft.


    Vitamin E

    Like Rice Protein, Vitamin E also helps the skin retain its natural moisture. It is also an effective skin protector €“ keeping your baby's skin shielded from harmful UV rays.

    Apart from these ingredients, you also need to stay away from harsh chemicals like parabens and dyes. There are baby skin care products out in the market like JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice„¢, that are dermatologist tested and clinically proven to be mild enough for your baby's skin. JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice„¢ has a dye-free, soap-free hypoallergenic formula that will not irritate your little one's skin. It also contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, Milk Proteins, Rice Proteins, Vitamin A and Minerals. JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice„¢ is also Paraben-free and is as gentle as pure water.

    Let your child explore the world and learn on his own. JOHNSON'S® Milk + Rice„¢ has his skin covered!








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