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  • 4 Mom-recommended Diaper Rash Remedies

    Check out this mom's product picks to help prevent and treat your little one's diaper rash.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
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  • Everybody knows that caring for a baby has its own set of challenges. When I first became a mom to our eldest child almost seven years ago, I remember fretting over and worrying about the smallest things. Without any access to the Internet during that time and with only one parenting book in my arsenal, I would sometimes feel helpless and doubt my motherly instincts. Luckily for many of us now, sites like Smart Parenting can help provide us with the information and tips we need to brave the sometimes rocky road of parenthood.

    When my eldest was a newborn, he rarely had diaper rashes. It was different for our second child though, who had a persistent fungal diaper rash that took weeks to clear up. The rash was a "side effect" of the different antibiotics given to her after she was born, which made her susceptible to fungal infections. Now, with my third baby, diaper rash incidents are few and far between. I chalk this up to two things: experience, and the numerous natural products that we use which help prevent and treat diaper rash.


    Allow me to share with you a few of my finds, most of which were so generously given to us while I was still pregnant:


    1. Indigo Baby Jar of Hope First Aid Gel

    Indigo Baby Hope in a Jar Gel

    I first discovered Indigo Baby when I still had only one child. I was looking for breastfeeding-friendly products and stumbled upon their site. I was privileged to have been able to meet one of the mompreneurs behind the brand, and she gifted me with their Jar of Hope Gel when I was pregnant with my third child. 

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    Indigo Baby’s Jar of Hope First Aid Gel is 100% natural and is made from blue chamomile essential oil, which contains Azulene's healing properties. Its other ingredients are aloe vera gel, witch hazel extract and vitamin E, all of which are good for one's skin. I use the gel when my baby has signs of a beginning diaper rash, which are usually gone the next day. I also use it for insect bites and small cuts. You can also use it to alleviate stress, insomnia, motion sickness, chickenpox, baby acne and sore nipples. 

    Available at Indigo Baby in 30 ml jars for P425 each. For more information, visit  www.indigobabyshop.com.


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