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  • 5 Apps That Have Helped a New Mom With Her 4-Month-Old Baby

    These apps help her keep track of her feeding, come up with daily activities for her baby, updates on his development, and more.
    by Tiffany Santos Canseco .
5 Apps That Have Helped a New Mom With Her 4-Month-Old Baby
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  • Being a new mom is exciting, but it is overwhelming. There are so many new tasks, from tracking the feeding or figuring out daily activities that you can do with your little one. Add the sleepless nights and lots of wet diapers, and the journey to motherhood is challenging. 

    I'm a first-time mom, and what has helped me is phone apps. They have been able to help me organize and make my life a little bit easier, and dare I say, more fun too. Here’s my recommendation of apps to help you survive your first year!

    Baby Nursing
    I call this app a baby organizer. It's an easy-to-use free app to track your baby’s feeding and your nursing or pumping sessions. Here are just some of the items it can monitor:

    • It is a real-time nursing progress tracker with just one tap. It gives you an idea which side you last fed with a number of minutes plus it automatically computes minutes and feeding average per day and month.
    • It records how many times you have pumped or bottle fed your baby, how many ounces and minutes per session with just one click!
    • Get to note weight, height, doctor’s appointment, vaccines and more. 
    • It’s an instant one-click tracker that’s perfect for a sleepless new mom who wants to keep track of her newborn’s development. 

    Available for free: iOs, Android

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    Kinedu is an app that will give you daily customized activities to do with your baby every day, depending on his age and current developmental stage. You just answer the series of questions in the app, and it will give you daily tasks to do with your baby. Once you begin the activity, a video will play to demonstrate and explain the science of each task. These activities can be as simple as peek-a-boo or listening activity that can help you bond as you play with your baby. Each task may address different developmental milestone like from physical, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional. 

    watch now

    Available for free: iOs and Android. To unlock all activities or to have lifetime subscription, it costs $149.99.

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    Spotify is not just for your basic music needs; it also is useful for new moms who either wants to soothe the baby to sleep or to play with the baby during the daytime. Search “white noise” for different playlists to help calm your newborn whenever they get fussy especially at night time. During daytime, get to play with your little one by singing along with the nursery rhymes available in this app.


    Available for free: iOs and Android. If you want to have a premium subscription, it costs P129 a month.

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    The Wonder Weeks
    Don’t know why your baby is suddenly becoming so fussy and cranky? The Wonder Weeks App explains each and every mental developmental stage that your child is going through. With the app’s timeline, you can expect when the calm days will be or when your baby is about to encounter mental change which usually implies cranky days. This app will also explain and guide you as a new mom on what these developmental change means for you and your baby. 


    Available for P92.00 in iOs and Android

    The Bump 
    The bump app is not just a pregnancy tracker app, but a useful app for first-time moms. It gives week-by-week updates on your baby’s development. It also answers common questions that new moms encounter with the help of experts, editors of the app and other moms too.


    Available for free: iOs and Android 

    A new mom to a 4-month-old baby, Tiffany Santos Canseco is trying to figure out adulting and parenting at the same time. She loves to make accessories, but her DIY projects now are all about her little one when she has the free time.

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