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  • 7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Care for your Baby

    Try these practical tips to take care of baby while helping take care of Mother Earth at the same time.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
  • mom boy“Eco-friendly”, “green” and “organic” are three words that all mean “going back to nature”, a global movement to preserve the Earth’s resources.  These efforts include planting trees, recycling, and eating organic food, among others, but there is actually a lot more we can do – and it starts in your own home.     

    Every little bit helps.  Do your share by following these “green” ways to care for baby:

    1.    Breastfeed.  Aside from the obvious benefits of breastmilk to the baby, breastfeeding helps save costs that go into producing, packing and distributing the formula.  It also means that there won’t be any bottles to sterilize or clean.

    2.    Use cloth diapers. 27 billion disposable diapers are thrown into landfills in the in the United States every year, and those will take at least 250 years to decompose, so when you think about it, disposable diapers aren’t that good, are they?  With the reinvention of cloth diapers (they now come in different designs and colors, and use snap-ons instead of giant pins), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use cloth.  Here’s one more motivation to ditch your disposable : it contains carcinogenic materials used for bleaching.


    3.    Use public transport.  With gas prices shooting up, some of you may even welcome the idea.  When you are going a short distance only, try walking or use a means of transport that doesn’t feed on gas and thus won’t emit harmful smoke.  The environment will thank you for it.

    4.    Think long and hard before you buy. Does your baby really need new clothes?  And doesn’t he have enough toys already?  The idea is to go minimalist and lessen the items that will turn into junk a year from now.  Why not buy pre-loved (second hand) clothes?  Even better, why not hand down those which have already accumulated into your closet to relatives’ babies or donate them.  A neat idea : A group of moms have started a “toy swap” where they move toys around the group.  Not only is it eco-friendly, it also allows moms to share and bond, and makes for an instant playdate!


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