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  • The people who know me personally know that I love babywearing. Ever since I discovered it and its benefits when my second child was still a baby, I have been completely sold on the babywearing lifestyle. 

    Before my third child was born, I already knew that I was going to wear her but I had no idea how important babywearing would become to the both of us. When she got sick soon after she was born and lost a lot of weight, the doctor recommended we practice kangaroo care and have a lot of skin-to-skin contact. Thus, wearing her just seemed like the most natural thing to do then.  

    Even up to now, I feel like something’s missing when we go out and I forget my SaYa, which is proudly a Philippine-made baby carrier. My daughter is now a year old but I still wear her most of the time at home or when we’re out. Indeed, babywearing has become part and parcel of motherhood for me.

    Whether or not you’re a newbie babywearer, you’ll probably benefit from reading which brands moms use so you could choose which carrier suits your lifestyle the most. Here are the 7 most popular ones, in no particular order, and what moms love about them: 

    1. SaYa



    Photo from the Saya Baby Carrier Facebook page

    “I have been using the SaYa for more than three years now. I really love how secure it feels compared to another brand of carrier that I've tried. The best thing about babywearing is getting my hands free to do other chores while bonding with my girls. I can do the laundry, work in front of the laptop, sweep the floor, etc. -- all while carrying my daughter. I even use the SaYa as a way to ‘restrain’ my toddler when I'm already tired of running after her, and she doesn't mind because she loves being in the SaYa as well.”

    -- Renee Saludares, freelance social media marketer, mom to two daughters ages 3 and 1

    “I have the SaYa VTB (VersaTekk Blend) and have been using it for 10 months. I love it because it feels like Marcia and I are inside a big tight hug. It is so convenient to slip in and out of, and I can breastfeed while grocery shopping. There’s no need to set up the stroller! When baby wants to nurse or is cranky and I need to work I just slip her in and work while standing. And it's not bulky at all; it fits inside my bag.”

    -- Rigette Osoteo, graphic designer, mom to a 13-month-old baby

    “We love using the SaYa. We have 3 in different colors and designs. What we love about it is that it's made of breathable cotton fabric. Breastfeeding is also a breeze when using it. We also have an Ergo Sport, which we started using when the little one turned 10 months old because it supports the baby's weight better.”

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    --Maureen Ambay, work-at-home mom of two kids ages 7 years and 15 months


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