• Ayaw Magpababa: 8 Tips to Deal When Baby Just Wants to Be Carried All The Time

    Does your baby cry whenever you try to put him down in the crib? Real moms share 8 tips and tricks on how to deal with this problem.
  • mom carrying babyAYAW MAGPABABA
    My two-month-old baby wants to be carried around all the time and cries whenever we try to put him down on the crib. It’s really taking its toll on my body since he’s getting heavier. Help!

    Try using a baby sling or baby wrap, which is more versatile than the usual carrier because you can use it front, back, and side (hip). It can also be used when nursing because it is comfortable and discreet. It is also adjustable to fit the different body sizes of those who carry your baby.  

    When about to put baby down, try giving him something to distract him and keep him entertained. Give one toy at a time. Play soothing music or fun baby songs. Also, control yourself from picking up baby every time he cries. His cry may mean other things than wanting to be held. And though it is quite difficult not to cuddle him, restraining and disciplining yourself will save you—and him—a lot of trouble in the future.

    Babies cry for different reasons—from hunger, for a nappy change, or if feeling ill. But sometimes, too, they simply want to be cuddled and hugged. After all, they’ve been used to “snuggling” in your womb for nine months! Try cradling your baby, tummy-to-tummy position, while you are lying down. This puts no strain on your back, and gives you a nice bonding time with baby.


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