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  • Baby Bath Time Basics: Keep Baby Warm + Bath Time Bloopers from Real Moms

    After a bath, make sure to keep baby warm. Read more about baby bath time.
    by Nikki Constantino .
  • Baby Wrapped in Towel


    Below are some baby bath time basics plus bath time blooper stories from real moms.

    Ways to Keep Your Baby Warm During a Bath

    You will need two towels: one to dry him with and another to wrap him around in while you whisk him to the bedroom. Do not use the same wet towel as it may cause your baby to get cold.


    • Bathe baby’s head first, while the rest of his body is swaddled. With your hand holding his head, clip his ears lightly shut (using your thumb on one ear and the pinky on the other) to ensure no water goes in, Hazel Domingo, nurse at Clinica Domingo, suggests. Towel-dry his head immediately before disrobing him and bathing him from the neck down. “If you can do all this in five minutes, you’re doing a good job,” says Dr. Aledo.
    • Use only hypoallergenic bath products diluted in water. “Do not allow shampoo to touch your baby’s head without mixing in water, especially if you or your spouse has a history of allergies,” warns Dr. Aledo, pediatrician.  
    • “Newborns, especially those that still have the umbilical stump, need a bath around four times a week,” says Dr. Aledo. “Once the stump falls off, they can take a bath daily.”

    Making Bath Time Fun

    Once you have established a good bathing environment for your baby, he will look forward to this activity. “Babies do not forget easily,” says Dr. Aledo. “One wrong step and you can scare your baby off for a long time; that’s why there are babies who wail every time they take a bath.”

    If your baby is old enough to sit up and grasp things, give him floating and water-resistant toys. “The bigger the toy, the more time he would spend playing with it,” says Dr. Aledo.

    Once your baby has learned to stand on his own, you can wean him off the tub. “But this doesn’t mean that your bath bonding time has to stop, too,” says Dr. Aledo.

    Bath Time Bloopers From Real Moms

    “Our older son attends his swim club on Sundays. After that, we have an hour to prepare for Mass. To get to the church on time, my husband Jhun and I work as a tag team. I’m in charge of dressing up Treiu, 7, while my husband gives Gabri, 3, a bath. Gabri uses a special emollient-based soap in a tube. Because he was in a hurry, my husband didn’t check the tube; he ended up using an antiseptic cream for diaper rash on poor Gabri. When Treiu saw his brother, he was so shocked. He ran back to me yelling, “Help! Mum, help!” I rushed to see what happened, and there was my poor son covered in white cream from head to toe. He looked like Casper the friendly ghost!”
    —Marie Melanie Adriano-Almadin, Norwich, England

    “One time, my baby pooped in her tub. I hurried to get her out of the water. Eh, hindi pa siya nakakaupo nang mabuti, kaya she kept slipping. I was laughing so hard, but I managed to scoop her up and finally, flushed the poop down the drain.”
    —Grace Conde-Villanueva, Marikina City

    •    Beverly Pinzon-Aledo, M.D., pediatrician, CG Clinics, Kamuning Road, Quezon City
    •    Hazel Domingo, R.N., Clinica Domingo, Tarlac, Tarlac



    Image from flickr.com.

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