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  • Baby Activity: Throwing a Ball Without Losing Balance

    Your 15-18 month-old toddler is ready to bring playtime and physical activities to the next level!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • When it happens: 15 to 18 months
    What it means: Playtime includes great fun firsts and your toddler will soon show that he can hold a ball and throw it to you. He may not be able to throw it very far just yet, but he’s set on releasing it without falling over. Take this as a sign that his gross motor skills are quickly developing, and soon enough, your toddler will be exploring the playground.
    How to develop the skill: “When your child is 15 months old, he will be independently walking,” explains Joselyn Alonzo-Eusebio, M.D., a developmental pediatrician at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City. Aside from keeping his balance while throwing a ball, he will start running around and try jumping. He will even attempt to climb furnitures at home as he slowly gains strength in his once wobbly legs. You’ll worry about his safety for sure, but don’t stop your little one from exploring new physical heights.
    “A child doesn’t know what danger and safety are yet, but this is the exploratory stage.
    Just be sure there are provisions on how to avoid accidents,” adds Dr. Eusebio.
    • Joselyn Alonzo-Eusebio, M.D., developmental pediatrician, St. Luke’s Medical Center, UERM Memorial Medical Center, Eusebio Clinic
    • Lourdes Sumpaico-Tanchanco, M.D., developmental pediatrician, The Medical City
    • Websites: aap.org ; raisingchildren.net.au

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