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  • Baby Bath Time Basics Every Parent Should Know: Expectation Vs Reality

  • Filipino moms are a careful bunch. We often hear about baby bathing precautions and take them to heart. You’ve probably heard of the do's and don’ts when it comes to giving baby a bath, but are most of them true?

    We debunk some of them here:


    EXPECTATION: Your baby will take to the water like a fish.

    REALITY: All babies love water, they say. So why do some babies kick and scream the minute an inch of their skin touches the water?

    For one, bath time should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Make sure baby is properly prepped so he gets used to associating pre-bath signals with a nice, warm bath. Talk to your baby while undressing him, for example, while their favorite bath toy is in sight. Let him hear the sound of water running, if you can, so they’ll know a dip is coming soon. And if your baby still shows signs of fussiness, don’t despair. Both of you are still getting used to the bathing experience. Keep doing these things regularly and soon, you’ll probably have to start thinking of how to get your baby out of the water!



    EXPECTATION: Babies should only be bathed once a week.

    REALITY: Babies, for the most part, just lie on their backs pretty much not doing anything at all, right? Wrong.

    Imagine how many people come in contact with your baby – all that touching and tickling. And in the summer, babies sweat, too. Don’t forget the milk that tends to pool under the folds of their skin – under the chin, the neck, behind the ears. Sticky! So go ahead and give baby a bath every day. It will be a refreshing experience for both of you.


    EXPECTATION: You can use any bath product on your baby.

    REALITY: Mild soaps may work for you, but your baby’s developing skin needs a bath product to protect and cleanse their soft, baby skin.

    Some soaps and cleaners may strip away natural skin protection, causing irritation, itching, and even rashes. Consider Lactacyd Baby Bath, formulated with mild cleansing ingredients such as Lactoserum and Lactic acid, which is great for baby’s sensitive skin and is prescribed by doctors. It also lowers skin pH to protect it from irritation.

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    And when your baby turns into an active tot, there's Lactacyd Toddlertubs Bubbles and Lactacyd Toddlertubs Splash! Your baby stays clean and moisturized, thanks to these wonder tot cleansers.

    EXPECTATION: Bathing babies should be quick. You don’t want them catching a cold, do you?

    REALITY: If you think giving baby a quick dip in the tub is enough to get him squeaky clean, think again.

    You’ll want to bathe baby slowly. Giving him a quick scrub might not be good for his delicate skin. Plus, going through the bath as quickly as possible might also be traumatic for the baby. Bath time should be a fun, relaxing experience. And as long as you are mindful of the elements – water temperature, a dry changing area and a clean change of clothes – your baby’s well-being (and bath time experience!) should be fine.

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    So now that you know what to really expect, you can make bathtime for you and your baby a much more fun and better experience. For more bath time tips, visit Lactacyd's website and Facebook page.

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