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  • Baby Bath Time Fun: Puppets and Water

    Promote fun-loving playtime activities and baby-friendly toys.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Your baby’s fourth month is characterized by a host of significant developmental milestones. Not only is he more mobile, able to easily roll from side to side, he can also support his weight more in a sitting position and he is capable of steadily holding his head up. He is generally more attentive and sociable, cooing, babbling, and smiling to display delight and to draw your attention.

    It is during this period wherein your child becomes more expressive about his emotions and his response to his environment, thus, it is important to come up with activities and tools to hone his physical, cognitive, and social skills.

    An-Marie Bartolome-Villarin, managing director of the Terrific Tots Preschool Program at The Little Gym in Taguig City, and mother to Santi, shares some suggestions on how to entertain, amuse and heighten your little one’s developmental potential.

    Puppet Play
    Three-month old tots have a notably more acute sense of sight, easily following objects with their eyes. Moving objects, in particular, are a good means to help sharpen their visual development.

    “If you hold an object across their face and move it from side to side, their eyes will follow,” explains Villarin, who used the same technique with her son Santiago. Babies at this stage are learning how to fix and track objects with their eyes without moving their head. Villarin recommends using brightly-colored stuffed animals to attract baby’s attention.

    Water baby
    Bathing becomes an especially enjoyable experience for baby as he becomes more playful and comfortable splashing about in the tub. Bring up the fun factor by providing him with a toy such as a rubber ducky which will not only practice his fine motor skills (small muscle movements involved with actions like squeezing, grasping, grabbing, and holding of objects), but stimulate his auditory development as well, with the squeaky sounds he can create.
    - An-Marie Villarin, managing director of the Terrific Tots Preschool Program of The Little Gym, Taguig City, and mother to Santiago
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    Photo by petitshoo via flickr creative commons
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