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Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: Pinay Moms Share the Brands They Trust
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  • As per advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), baby feeding items should be sterilized at least once a day. “Sanitizing is particularly important when your baby is younger than 3 months, was born prematurely, or has a weakened immune system,” said the CDC. 

    Do you really need a baby bottle sterilizer?

    Many new Pinoy moms find that having a bottle sterilizer eases their mind when it comes to cleaning their baby bottles. But they often go online to ask which sterilizer is best. So we perused through reviews from Pinay moms on the Smart Parenting (SP) Village Facebook group, SP Parent Chat forum, and Female Network (FN) Girl Talk forum, and four brands stood out (or at least had the most positive reviews). 

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    Except for one, the sterilizers do not come with dryers. So, you will need to air-dry the bottles after sterilizing them (per advice from the CDC). Each of the sterilizer brands, however, have their own merits that make Pinay moms love them. 

    Philips Avent
    Worth the price

    Though a little pricier than the rest on this list, the moms say the Avent's sterilizer delivers when it comes to ease of use, durability and resistance to wear-and-tear. 

    The 3-in-1 model below can sterilize up to six bottles in just six minutes with an automatic shut-off feature. The large size configuration is for sterilizing bottles and caps, its medium size configuration for breast pumps parts and eating utensils, and small size for pacifiers and nipples. 

    Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer (P6,999.75) at Baby Company (branches here)

    What the moms have to say
    “Yes, it's quite pricey, pero 'di madaling maluma — can be used by the next baby. — Eloisa from the SP Village

    “Avent gamit ko. Medyo mahal lang siya. Pati bottles ko Avent din. 'Yun kasi ang recommended ng pediatrician ng baby ko.” — @shelley from SP Parent Chat

    “We are using AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer. So far, we've never had problems with it. It still looks new. Performance-wise, it does the job. Good thing about this sterilizer, pwede siyang maliit or malaki [na bottles].” — @purplepink888 from FN Girl Talk

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    Best budget-friendly option

    The price makes it a favorite among Pinay moms since the quality and durability is good. 

    The 3-in-1 model below can hold up to 6 bottles and comes in three configurations for different load sizes: full-size mode for six bottles including parts, eco-mode for slightly smaller loads and uses 30% less time and energy, and microwave mode for sanitizing small loads in the quickest time. With an automatic shut-off feature, the digital timer at the front also tells you how much time remains before your load is sterilized. 

    Chicco SterilNatural 3-in-1 (P4,499.75), Chicco branches and major department stores

    What the moms have to say
    “I've been using Chicco sterilizer for four years now. Magkaka-baby na kami ulit and 'yun pa rin ang gagamitin ko. Cheaper kasi ang Chicco compared to Avent pero effective naman. Never nagkaroon ng tummy issues ang mga babies ko.” — Glen from the SP Village 

    “We used Chicco sterilizer for our daughter. It served us so well for three years.” — @twelvth_goddess on FN Girl Talk

    “We've been using Chicco for almost 10 months now. So far, so good and no problems. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and very magaan.” — @momra on SP Parent Chat

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    Looney Tunes
    The dryer function makes it a winner

    This may come as a surprise, but moms have raved about the Looney Tunes (yes, we double-checked the name) brand for good reason: It comes with a dryer function. It eliminates the need for a drying rack or tray that can take up kitchen space. And, it lessens the — albeit small — chore of having to transfer and rearrange hot battles to dry. Of course, it sterilizes well too. 

    The Touch Panel Sterilizer with Dryer model below can fit up to seven bottles and parts and is BPA-free. Even with the dryer feature, the price tag still remains at a budget-friendly range. However, some moms found that their sterilizers developed stains at the bottom after it has been used for a while. 

    Looney Tunes Touch Panel Sterilizer with Dryer (P3,299.75), major department stores (full list here

    What the moms have to say
    “In fairness, I love my Looney Tunes sterilizer, which comes with a dryer. Napaka-user friendly, and ang bote, tuyo na and ready to use. Ideal sa mga yaya, mas makakagawa pa sila ng ibang chores.” — @stitch626 on SP Parent Chat

    “Automatic na after mag-sterilize, switch na kaagad siya sa dryer. Matagal kasi kapag air dry pa. It's also not that expensive unlike the branded ones. I've been using mine for one and half years na.”  — @Rae on SP Parent Chat

    “It's the Looney Tunes with dryer for me since breast milk and nilalagay ko sa bottles. Mas comfortable ako kapag dry yung bottle and no water moist.” — @marssie on FN Girl Talk

    “I have three sterilizers: an Avent electric steam sterilizer, an Avent microwave steam sterilizer and the Looney Tunes sterilizer. Among them, my favorite is the Looney Tunes because of its dryer feature.” — @AmbersMom on FN Girl Talk

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    Good quality with value for money
    Moms like Farlin's sterilizers because it does the same job as any other sterilizer at a much lower price tag. It's durable and resists breaking. The electric steam sterilizer model below can fit up to eight bottles and sterilizes in 10 to 15 minutes with an automatic shut-off feature. The box comes with a BPA-free rack and tongs too.

    Farlin Electric Steam Sterilizer in 8-bottle capacity (P2,288.75), SM Department Stores

    What the moms have to say

    I've been using our Farlin electric steamer for 8 months already and it's still working excellently, like it's new. I purchased a sterilizer from another brand before, but only used it for 3 months because the metal plate started forming rust (I guess hindi sya nagde-drain and dry properly). Two thumbs up for Farlin though! It doesn't look as stylish as the other ones, but it gets the job done.” — @isayhesez on SP Parent Chat

    “I opted for the Farlin electric sterilizer. This is what they used at the hospital where I gave birth. Tested na quality siya, 5 to 6 times a day nila ginagamit sa nursery nila. I've been using mine for 6 months now and okay naman. It's not so pricey but not super cheap na mapapaisip ka if okay ba quality.” — @docs on FN Girl Talk

    “We have a Farlin sterilizer. Super sulit kasi my baby is already 18 months and never siya nasira. We use it once or twice a day. Mura lang din siya.” — @catnap07 on FN Girl Talk

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