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  • The Most Important Thing To Remember For Baby's First Bath, According To Pedia

    How often should you bathe a baby?
    by SmartParenting Staff .
The Most Important Thing To Remember For Baby's First Bath, According To Pedia
  • If you were to ask what questions we get asked often, the first three things that come to mind are poop, how to raise a genius, and bathing a baby. Like we always say, parenting is the greatest adventure, but, boy, it can get wild.

    For the purpose of this article, though, we will tackle the third topic. Giving babies a bath is probably one of the most dreaded activities of new parents. You are scared of dropping the baby in the tub, nervous about how he will react to the experience, and terrified that you cannot wash off that soap in seconds.

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    How often should you bathe a baby?

    The solution for nerves is simple: Make bathing baby a two-person job. In the beginning, there will probably be a lot of furious whispering back and forth (as if that would be less "disturbing" than raised voices for the baby). But it will get easier as you do it every day.


    Speaking of every day, many ask this question we got from a mom: Can I bathe my 2-month-old baby two to three times a day?

    No thanks to our hot and humid weather, this mom discovered that only a bath soothes her infant's irritability. In fact, bathing also helps baby sleep soundly. But she wonders if she's, well, overbathing, especially when her baby is just two months old.

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    We submitted this question to Dr. Faith Alcazaren, a pediatrician of Stratum Health Partners, during the first episode of our How Po series entitled, "Protect Your Newborn," (Scroll below to watch the video)

    Dr. Alcazaren says she wouldn't recommend bathing babies more than twice a day, especially if they are below 6 months, because it drys the skin quickly. She is okay with a second bath, but do it in the middle of the day and make it a sponge bath. Then have your baby wear clothing that is made from cotton "para hindi sila pagpapawisan."

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    Room temperature is the most important thing to remember  

    The most important thing to keep in mind, Dr. Alcazaren reminds parents, is to avoid a cold draft or cold air from getting into the room where you're bathing baby. It is often the reason babies get a cold or sipon.

    "If you give your baby a bath every day twice a day, make sure there is no cold draft. Hindi nakabukas ang bintana, hindi nakabukas ang pinto. Walang aircon sa kabilang kuwarto that will cause cold draft dahil yun ang kalaban natin kapag nagpapaligo."

    Watch the rest of her answer below.

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