• Baby Milestone Markers: 10-11 Months

    Stay on top of your 10-11-month-old's development by reading up on expected developmental milestones.

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    • Climbs up and down from chairs
    • Cruises furniture
    • May differentiate use of hands
    • Can pick up extremely small objects
    • Deliberately places objects on different spots
    • Can turn pages of a book
    • May pull off shoes and socks
    • May lean over while standing against support
    • May take a step without holding on to anything
    • May stand on toes
    • May carry spoon to mouth
    • Can hold cup and drink from it
    • Lifts lid from boxes



    • Takes things apart and puts them back together
    • Opens drawers and cupboards to explore contents
    • Experiments with means to a goal, such as using a large wheeled toy for a walker
    • Recognizes words as symbols for objects (e.g. a cow “moos”)
    • Imitates speech rhythms, inflections and facial expressions
    • Speaks a few intelligible words
    • May start speaking long, babbling sentences with full inflection



    • Begins to learn sexual identity
    • Helps dress herself
    • Drops objects for someone else to pick up
    • Does not always cooperate
    • Withdraws from strangers
    • Asserts herself among siblings and playmates
    • Tries to avoid disapproval, seeks approval
    • Shows guilt
    • Engages in parallel play


    Photography by Jun Pinzon


    Is your 10-11-month-old baby displaying any of these milestones? We'd love to know. Fill up the comment form below.

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