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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 16th Month

    Stay on top of your child's growth and development with these milestone markers!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development
    • Challenges her physical prowess by doing the more advanced skill than the one she has recently mastered. For instance, when she’s confident about climbing the sofa, she’ll want to push a chair to the kitchen counter and climb it.
    • Able to stack two or three blocks into a tower, and likes knocking the tower down immediately after.
    • Use of hands and fingers is improving, and can scribble with a crayon, turn pages of a book maybe two or so pages at a time as she is yet to polish her fine motor skills to be able to turn one page at a time.
    Cognitive and Mental Development
    • Investigates everyday objects using her five senses.
    • When looking at books, she loves pointing to objects she can name.
    • Can clearly say about seven words and still uses nonverbal communication such as pointing and gesturing.

    Emotional and Behavioral Development
    • Beginning to understand that when she behaves in a “right” manner (example, drinking milk from the cup), she’ll be rewarded (with praise, hugs, applause or laughter), however, if she does something “wrong” (banging the spoon on the table while eating), she’ll be “punished” or ignored (in the case of tantrums).
    • Self-awareness, or the idea that she’s a separate individual from you, is starting, though you’re still her “extension” in that she’ll push you toward a toy that she wants but can’t reach so that you’ll get it for her.
    • Still acts on nearly every impulse, thus, even the most mild-mannered and cooperative toddler may occasionally have tantrums and acts of aggression. This is mostly because she does not yet have enough self-control to behave appropriately in most situations. 
    • Learns to say the “magic words” please and thank you.

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