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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 17th Month

    Stay abreast with your child's development with these milestone markers!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development
    • More agile now, and combining his motor skills, such that he can walk then squat to pick up an object from the floor then stand up and walk again, with no significant stops in between.
    • Climbing is still a favorite challenge, up the stairs, out of his crib, unto chairs and low pieces of furniture. 
    • Continues to find out how to use “tools” around the house—he wants to put CDs into the player, unlock car doors, push the vacuum, cut his own food with fork or plastic knife. 
    • Hand preference may start showing, though he may switch back and forth at times, or, for example when eating, he’ll use both hands.
    • May not want to have a morning nap anymore; however, gets tired and sleepy before the next nap (early afternoon), so you might want to compromise and have him nap either just before or after lunchtime.

    Cognitive and Mental Development
    • Slowly building up his vocabulary, he may use one word for days or weeks then suddenly drop it especially when he learns another new word.
    • Becomes aware of sensations other than smell or taste, and is focusing on texture now, which is a key factor in food preferences at this stage. Some don’t like to walk barefoot on cement, sand or grass, others don’t even want to have their hair combed or brushed.
    • Favorite pastime is creating art, especially as he can control the pencil or the crayon a little bit at this age. He starts to draw in circles, an improvement over the random scribbles of a couple of months back.

    Emotional and Behavioral Development
    Shows—loudly and clearly—his likes and dislikes when it comes to food, clothing, what he wants to do, etc.
    • Vents his frustration mostly on you and may manifest this by hitting. This is actually a sign of trust, since he knows you’re a safe person to show just how upset he is.
    • Trust in other people is growing, too, and while mom and dad are still the most important people in his life, he starts to develop special relationships with other people such as caregivers, grandparents, etc.
    • Thrives on routine, so if you forget, for example, to read him a bedtime story, he’ll be puzzled and may even remind you.
    • Because of his lack of self-control, he wants what he wants, right NOW.
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