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  • Baby Milestone Markers: 21st Month

    What development milestones should you look out for when it comes to your 20-21-month-old tot? Read on to learn more.
    by Rachel Perez . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development
    • Keen on climbing up anything that makes him feel taller such as the step ladder in the kitchen.
    • Also excited about balancing on a log or walking along the edge of a curb.
    • His desire to be independent is now almost matched by his strength and better agility. He can climb out of the crib, move large boxes, rearrange chairs. 
    • Well coordinated in his movements now, he can bend down and pick up small objects, including bugs (which is a favorite item to investigate at this stage).
    Cognitive and Mental Development
    • Can name most of his body parts.
    • Very curious about how different things look, smell, taste and sound.
    • May be able to fit the pieces of 2- or 3-piece jigsaw puzzle by himself.
    • Attention to detail is increasing, as well as attention span, so he is able to look at a book by himself for a few minutes.
    • Loves and learns from songs and finger plays such as “Eensy Weensy Spider.”
    • May start to refer to himself as “I.”

    Emotional and Behavioral Development
    • Because he is getting more imaginative now, he may start to be afraid of everyday things, for example, water and insects.
    • Biting other people may be a practice now: maybe because he’s teething, frustrated, curious (“What will happen if I bite kuya?”), wants attention, or feels threatened.
    • More self-assured, he can be comfortable being away from you for short periods of time to be with familiar adults.
    • Demands for attention; takes less dramatic forms compared to months before.
    • Tries to be self-sufficient by figuring out how things work, such as his toys, without asking you for help.
    • Recognizes himself and faces of familiar people in pictures.
    • Learns that he’s not the center of the universe and that not everything belongs to him.

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