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  • Physical Development
    • With nimble fingers, she can easily build towers of blocks, can put thick shoelaces in and out of (relatively big) holes in a board, snap plastic beads together or pinch moldable clay.
    • Able to kick a big ball without falling forward.
    • May have improved her running skills though she still has problems stopping or turning corners.
    • Tends to wake up in the middle of the night if her afternoon nap is too long. 
    • Even if she’s climbing out of her crib, she’s not ready to sleep in her own “big” bed yet.
    Cognitive and Mental Development
    • Her spoken vocabulary consists of about 20 words, though she comprehends so many more words than that.
    • Combines a couple of words not just to make a statement but to ask questions.
    • Has advanced listening skills so she can imitate the tone of your speech.
    • Enjoys singing nursery rhymes and even if she can’t say all the words, she’ll carry the basic tune.
    • Loves to look at books, and pretends to read it herself. She realizes and tells you if the book is upside down, however, she’ll still be able to recognize some pictures.
    • Though her attention span is not as long as a preschooler, she starts to set goals for herself such as finishing a jigsaw puzzle in one sitting or riding her tricycle toward a specific spot.

    Emotional and Behavioral Development
    • Loves issuing orders, especially as she experiments with her ability to communicate. For example, she wants to see what you will do if she says “Stop!” when you start singing.
    • Is especially affectionate to you and a few other people, showering you with hugs and kisses, and feels extra possessive of her parents. 
    • Also quite cooperative, following your orders such as “Put away your toys now.”
    • Becomes uncooperative and rejects your show of affection when she is overwhelmed by her feelings, for example, if you’ve been working late or if there is a new baby at home.
    • Uses whining as a technique to get her way, especially when she gets impatient, for example, to eat her cookies in the grocery store before you’ve paid for it.

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