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  • Baby Milestones: Pinay Moms Share Their DIY Monthly Shoots!

    These moms go all out for their monthly baby milestones!
    by Kitty Elicay .
Baby Milestones: Pinay Moms Share Their DIY Monthly Shoots!
PHOTO BY Niña Argallon and Ruby Perey-Cruz
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  • When you’re a new mom, everything about your baby excites you — and you want to make sure you capture every single moment. During the first year, one baby milestone parents like to celebrate is the day their little ones turn a month older. There’s nothing like capturing your baby’s monthly growth and looking back when they’re all grown up. (sniff)

    Doing shoots every month may seem tedious, but you’ll be surprised how creative parents can get, especially when it comes to choosing a ‘theme’ for their photoshoot. All you really need is a little bit of imagination and you can easily use whatever’s on hand to create a unique setup for your baby. Maybe what you’ll need to worry about is your little one cooperating!

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    Planning to document baby milestones each month? Find inspiration here.

    Let nature inspire you

    A close up shot and a flower crown were all mommy Janelle Dela Rosa-Moral needed to document her daughter Amara’s first month. She shares, "Momma was so excited that I bought costumes and other stuff for the shoot but ended up using the flower crown only. Well, less is more!"

    baby milestones
    Would you look at those piercing eyes!
    PHOTO BY Janelle Dela Rosa-Moral

    “Hang” ‘em up

    Flat lays (where the photo is taken from above) are a popular choice for monthly shoots, because baby is usually asleep or lying down when it happens.

    baby milestones

    Maricel Ladringan-Asañon’s inspiration? Doing the laundry on a sunny day! She used a rope and clothespins to ‘hang’ her daughter up for drying. Super cute!
    PHOTO BY Maricel Ladringan-Asañon
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    Use your beauty tools!

    Use your kikay kit and put your makeup on display with baby. It’s so easy to DIY!

    baby milestones

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    Mom Ruby Perey-Cruz said she got this idea from Pinterest. Her daughter Elisse looks so refreshed!
    PHOTO BY Ruby Perey-Cruz

    baby milestones

    Looks like mom Coleene Tan-Torrecampo had the same idea for her daughter Jianna. “So glad kasi wala siyang sumpong!”
    PHOTO BY Coleene Tan-Torrecampo

    Think of food.

    Like we said, source your props from what you can see in the house! Fruits and vegetables all make the perfect backdrop for your shoots!

    baby milestones

    Mom MJ Macazo said she and her husband acted on their pizza craving and used it as an inspiration for their photo shoot.
    PHOTO BY MJ Macazo

    baby milestones

    Apart from the matching watermelon on baby Lyanna and her pillow, the real highlight here are the Gundam Wing action figures — one is trying to get a cherry from the cake!
    PHOTO BY Corine de Silva-Villanueva
    Lyanna's mom, Corine de Silva-Villanueva says that her husband is a toy collector and dabbles in toy photography. That's why the action figures seem to come alive in the photo! "Paglaki daw ni baby gusto niya 'yun ang playtime nila. He's planning to buy some toys that they can build and play together," Corine shares. Aww!
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    Channel your favorite TV and movie characters.

    Mom Din Real-Bautista and her hubby are big Star Wars fans. “What better way to show it than dress up our daughter Monica as Princess Leia?”


    baby milestones

    Their caption for the photo? “The 4th is strong with this one.”
    PHOTO BY Din Real-Bautista

    Mom Grace Martinez-Carpio and her husband grew up watching the Japanese cartoon Crayon Shin Chan so they were inspired to use it as a monthly theme. “We wanted his next photo shoot to be funny and perky because that’s what we see in Yuri as he grows.”

    baby milestones

    Their son Yuri nailed Shin Chan’s signature eyebrows. Too funny!
    PHOTO BY Grace Martinez-Carpio

    Use your kids’ toys and pillows!

    baby milestones

    Mom Junnalyn San Antonio kept it short and simple. “I spelled out ‘love’ with my twins Matty and Miggy.”
    PHOTO BY Junnalyn San Antonio


    baby milestones
    We love mom Karina Villaruel’s idea for her daughter Alexandra’s fifth month. A toy crane! Super easy to set up, too!
    PHOTO BY Karina Villaruel
    baby milestones
    New mom Angelica Dacer-Tiburcio shares that her monthly themes are based on different careers they envision for their daughter, Hannah. For her sixth month, they thought of her as a preschool teacher!
    PHOTO BY Angelica Dacer-Tiburcio
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    Take your kids to the beach!

    Literally and figuratively, as these two photos show!

    baby milestones

    Jelyn Reyes was inspired by the summer season so she took the beach to her son, Evo. We’re definitely feeling the vibe!
    PHOTO BY Jelyn Reyes

    Niña Argallon took her baby Martha on her first beach trip and decided it was the perfect location for their photoshoot. She fashioned a crown from an old headband and used her old accessories to make the look authentic. The shell is actually a fruit tray!

    baby milestones

    We love that the baby is sleeping soundly while this shoot was taking place. Maybe the 'waves' lulled her to sleep?
    PHOTO BY Niña Argallon
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    Be inspired by your own experiences.

    Liz Camarador and her husband are both P.E. teachers, so while she was pregnant, she already knew her monthly baby milestones would be sports-themed. “It’s a challenge, but we’re getting by!”

    They had already gotten swimming, softball, basketball, and running out of the way and on baby Rly’s fifth month, they set the shoot up for lawn tennis. “But after dressing her up, she pooped… and peed! It was a mess!” Thankfully, since she already planned the shoots in advance, she had an outfit on reserve.


    baby milestones

    Tada! A futsal theme for her fifth month!
    PHOTO BY Liz Camarador

    Shela Sacro suffered from a miscarriage so her daughter Amari is their rainbow baby. This rainbow backdrop is what they use every month to celebrate her milestones.baby milestones


    Baby Amari is also a preemie! Truly a little warrior and a dream come true for her parents!
    PHOTO BY Shela Sacro

    Let your baby do the talkin'.

    Mommy Iyah Gagarin says that while she may not be into art and only takes monthly photos to see how much her baby has grown, it's her little one's smile that can make the heart full.

    baby milestones


    We agree! Who can resist this cutie?
    PHOTO BY Iyah Gagarin
    When it comes to their babies, parents prove they're willing to go all out just to get a memorable shot. If you've had your own unique photoshoots, email us at smartparenting2013@gmail.com — we'd love to get more ideas and share it with our readers!


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