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  • Baby Play is Baby’s Way of Learning

  • Did you know that from 0 – 24 months, your child’s brain grows faster than it will do at any other time in his life? Before a child can speak, movement is actually one of the best ways he can discover more about himself and the big world out there

    By physically exploring and experimenting with the things around him, baby can learn all sorts of skills that he will need as he grows up, so encourage uninterrupted play and help your Active Baby make the best moves for his development with the new Pampers-Gymboree Playtime Course, “Baby Play, Play Everyday!”

    “Baby Play, Play Everyday” are fun playtime routines that you can do with your baby. Designed by two baby experts - Pampers, the diaper committed to baby development, and Gymboree, the pioneer and global leader of early childhood learning programs - these simple moves will make bonding with baby fun while he learns new skills at the same time!

    Best Move to develop Coordination: Beach Ball Kicking
    Train your baby to become a soccer player with this move! Kicking a ball is a fun way for baby to learn better coordination, especially at ages 1-2 years.

    Grab a beach ball and place it in your front of your baby, then model how to kick the ball in front of him. Baby will surely follow suit - at this stage of this development, he loves to imitate!

    Benefits of Beach Ball Kicking
    •    Unilateral coordination – baby’s ability to control one side of the body, to distinguish how to move only the right side or only the left side
    •    Torso control – baby’s ability to control his upper body while moving

    air logBest Move to develop Balance: The Mashed Potato
    Here’s a chance for baby to have fun with friends and learn how balance at the same time. Carry your baby and let him sit down with his legs straddling the airlog or a long pillow; his friends can sit behind him or in front of him. All the parents can sit down on the left side of the airlog; ready to catch their children at the end of our chant.

    Let your child balance first by spotting him at the hips - you can let go if he manages on his own.

    Now you and the other parents can gently sway the airlog side to side and chant…
    1 Potato, 2 potatoes, 3 potatoes, 4 potatoes, 5 potatoes…mashed potato! (twist the airlog so that your child falls into your arms! Baby will be surprised but delighted!)



    Click here to see the benefits of the Mashed Potato for your baby.

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