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  • Bathing Baby: Top 10 Reasons You Might Be Getting It Wrong

    Make baby bath time a great bonding experience instead of a crying game for both mom and child.
  • Any first time mom can attest that bathing newborns is one of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever experience. Just imagining things that could go wrong can cause any mommy to have anxiety attacks. Before you cry to the heavens “I have only two hands!”, step back and read.




    1. No proper timing

    Choose a time when both you and your baby are relaxed and least likely to be interrupted. Some do it mid-morning when the morning rush is over while some do it before bedtime to relax and soothe the baby for a more peaceful rest. Whatever time you choose, make sure both you and your baby are in Zen mode because your baby can feel your stress and more than likely will mirror the emotion.

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    2. Bath site not prepared properly

    For prep, keep your cool, though that doesn’t mean that you should just proceed. First of all, you should be prepared. Make sure all the baby bath products you need are within arm’s length. To avoid being rattled or confused, keep the baby bath products to a minimum. All you need are:

    • JOHNSON’S® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Wash that effectively cleanses while keeping the natural moisture of baby’s skin


    • Towel

    • Soft cloth

    • Tub


    3. Bringing accessories

    Most of the time, mommies get so nervous they forget to pay attention to themselves. This can prove dangerous as accessories that are normally part of your body can hurt the baby. Make sure your arms are free of accessories that might hurt baby’s fragile skin. Yes, remove your engagement and wedding rings please.


    4. Not easing the baby

    To make bath time a more pleasant experience for both you and your baby, try to make soothing sounds as you take your baby’s clothes off. Slowly and gently peel away his clothes while singing or humming to him. Your voice will calm and soothe him.


    5. Forgetting to check the water

    Make sure the water’s temperature is just right. Put cold water in first followed by hot water. Make sure the water is comfortably warm as your baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive by checking the water’s temperature using your elbow.



    6. Forgetting to swaddle baby during bath time

    Most newborn babies panic when they feel a sudden change of temperature and texture.  So instead of just dumping your baby into the baby bathtub, try swaddling him first. Wrapping your baby in a soft towel not only secures and comforts him, it will also restrict his movements making it easier for both of you to finish the bath. You can wash his hair and face while swaddled. 

    Swaddling a baby at bath time mimics a mother's womb for the baby. It makes bathing less stressful for your infant. This has been scientifically proven by AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses).


    7. Not washing the body thoroughly

    Once your baby has become comfortable with the water’s temperature, gently remove the towel and wash gently with a sponge or with your hand. Use JOHNSON’S® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Wash and make sure to get under the skin folds.



    8. Rubbing the baby to dry

    After rinsing, quickly but gently put your baby in a dry towel and pat dry. Do not rub as it will irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.


    9. Skipping moisturization

    Like adults, baby skin can still get dry and still needs hydration. Use specially-made-for-babies Johnson’s Baby mild lotions and oils after bath. Not only will you moisturize your baby’s skin but your touch will further soothe your baby’s nerves. In addition, your baby will also benefit from the touch therapy as massaging with oil or lotion will aid the development of the baby’s muscles and bones and also boost his immune system.


    10. Ignoring sensitive baby bums

    Whether you’re using cloth or disposable diapers, your baby’s bum would likely suffer from diaper rash. You can prevent this from happening by using JOHNSON’S® Baby Skincare wipes and putting JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder on his bum before putting his diapers. Watch how here.


    JOHNSON’S® Baby products are most-trusted by moms because they are gentle for baby and also provide proper protection with lots of TLC. You can't deny that JOHNSON’S® Baby is the best for your baby!



    Be sure to visit the Facebook page of Johnson’s Baby Philippines to post your baby skin care questions using #tanongnimommy and also Smart Parenting's special page for baby care!

    Below is a swaddle bathing how-to video that you can watch if you’re still unsure about bathing your baby by yourself.

    Watch it here :)

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